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5 Things to Do with Twitter to Improve Your Social Presence

We are now in an era of social media, which makes it mandatory for small businesses to improve social presence. With millions of people using social networking websites and search engines giving more importance to social signals, small businesses that provide their service online or sell goods online are no longer afford to ignore social media.

Why social media presence is important?

Social media presence is very much important for businesses due to the fact that there millions of people visit social media websites per day. Approximately Facebook has 950 million users and caters 1 billion searches per day. Whereas, twitter has 500 million users and cater around 1.6 billion searches per day.

The sheer presence of above numbers explains the need for businesses to have and improve social presence. Social media is a double edged sword, when implemented properly it can give you huge advantage over your competitors, but when implemented without any proper strategy it can go against the brand. And improving social presence is also a continuing task; it needs to be done as long as the company remains in business.

Why Twitter?

As said earlier Twitter has around 500 million users and handles 1.6 billion searches per day. When compared to Facebook Twitter can be called as real time social media site, where people tweet and retweet in a real time.

For people who are starting new with Twitter, it’s a social networking website where you can promote your service or interact with you followers using a tweet which needs to be written within 140 characters.

Important things to consider when you tweet are

  1. Your tweet can be a maximum of 140 characters or less
  2. Use hash tags for important words, a hash tag helps people to easily search for the word.
  3. If tweet prefaces RT means this tweet has been retweeted by your followers.

How to improve social presence in Twitter?

A business can improve their social presence in Twitter by two ways. First by organically following people, tweeting regularly and waiting for more people to find their profile and follow them, the second option is to use the paid advertisement option provided by Twitter to gain followers and promote tweets.

Improving social presence organically

The social presence of a business can be improved organically in Twitter by implementing the following ways.

  1. Tweeting on a regular basis
  2. Use hash tags prefacing important words. This will help your tweet to appear when someone searches using that keyword
  3. Re-tweet the tweets of you followers; this will encourage them to retweet your tweets.
  4. Do not always tweet about the service you provide, do mix the tweets with informative facts about your industry.
  5. Use free services like Twiends which helps you to get more followers

Implementing the above steps will help a business to improve their social presence in twitter organically.

Improving social presence through paid advertisement

Similar to Google ad sense and Facebook ads, Twitter does have two options to promote your social presence. First advertising option is called “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Accounts”. Promoted tweets promote the tweet you post when someone searches for the keyword you target. Whereas, promoted account is a way to acquire followers on the basis of pay per follower.

Either way organically or through paid advertisement a business can only maintain the momentum when they interact with their followers on regular interval. With new features being rolled out by Twitter and at the pace its user base is growing, no businesses can chose to ignore Twitter to improve their business.

Author Bio:- Philip is a guest blogger interested in writing informative contents related to social media. Recently Philip has updated information on how to improve social presence for a business on his website. For more information please visit http://www.social-presence.net/

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