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5 Thesis Theme Features You Should Not Miss

A few weeks ago diythems launched thesis 1.8 with additional features. As you all know thesis is one of the best theme available for serious wordpress bloggers. Due to its a lot of features it is now the choice of every blogger. TechMaish is also using t Thesis theme and a few days ago i launched a free thesis like techmaish theme for wordpress users. Let me share with you that why i am using thesis on my blog and will recommend to all of you.

thesis theme features

1. SEO Friendly

Of course this is the core feature of thesis theme for which every one wishes to use it. It follows all the search engine optimization rules and boost your ranking on search engines. WordPress as you all know is the master blogging platform and all search engines love it. However if you use thesis theme for your wordpress blog then of course you will stand out of the crowd.

2. Less Codes

You don’t need to learn advance CSS and HTML coding in order to design your theme. Thesis allow you a simple and feature rich dash board from where you can design your blog according to your requirements.

3. Multimedia Box

Every one want to earn money from there blogs and thesis cares about this. It has a very unique feature that allow you to display 125×125 ads in your sidebar. You can do this from Thesis Dash Board without the hassle of codings.

4. Unique Design

It allows you to create a unique blog design, as it don’t relay too much on coding. The main 2 files that is Custom.css and custom-function.php files that are located in Thesis Dash Board under Customer File Editor allow you to design your blog.

5. Support

Thesis provide you 24 hours quick support and you will never face any problem. They always upgrade its version and add new features. Thesis has also developed a forum where you can ask about any issue, problem, tweak and design related coding.

If you are not on thesis, then buy it and use it. Your investment in thesis theme is your right investment, because it will boost your ranking on search engine. It has a lot of features and you can’t imagine that how feature rich is thesis. Don’t wait for the next version, because at every new version released, they increase the price.

Buy It Before Its Price Go UP