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5 Tests of Honesty and How Mobile Phone Monitoring Applications Can Help You Find Out

With mobile phones, decisions that would otherwise take a week’s time, are made in real time. However, they have also posed issues related to corporate security, honesty, and loyalty of the employees. This is where mobile phone Monitoring applications will provide you with valuable support.

These applications record the details of calls, text messages, internet browsing, email account, and GPS location of the phone user. These logs are stored on a stealth file on the phone and then uploaded to a safe website with secured login. Even deleted calls and messages are logged. One major area where such software has brought improvements is the honesty of the employees. When it comes to honesty, you can easily say that trust is good but control is better. Here is how:

1. Is your employee looking for a new job?

Many employees are over conscious about the need to switch a job periodically. They keep looking for new job opportunities during office hours resulting in increased email traffic, message and call over usage, lower productivity, and higher replacement costs. If you are monitoring the cell phones, you can control such non-professional attitude easily.

2. Is your employee breaching the cell phone policy?

Mobile phones are meant for business purposes. Certain degree of personal use is still permissible. But employees may have the tendency to increase the personal use, play games, and use personal applications excessively. Out of procrastination, employees may meaninglessly surf websites, do social networking, or even visit porn sites during office hours. If you are viewing browsing history and bookmarks on the cell phone with your software, you will minimize breaches of your cell phone policy.

3. Is your employee boosting or busting the morale of colleagues?

Bad habits are contagious. If an employee is indulged in excessive personal use of his mobile phone, he will likely share games, applications, and career websites with other employees. Monitor his phone regularly and you are likely to save $$$ in the process.

4. Is your employee trying to hide his current location?

It is common for field employees to save time during visits and meetings. They use this time to have snacks for example, or to use the company conveyance for personal use. Most mobile phone monitoring applications enable you to monitor GPS location of the employee and thus, help you trace wastage by field employees.

5. Is your employee sharing confidential information with outsiders?

Whether it is industrial espionage, social engineering, information sharing, or information leakage, corporate world can ill afford release of corporate secrets to harmful users. Text messages and short calls are used for this purpose and then deleted from the phone. If you have not adopted mobile phone monitoring software, there are hardly any chances for you to prevent this. Be wise and be safe. Use it before it is too late.

Author Bio:- Brian Coulter is a Latest Mobile Technology enthusiast and author of Mobile Phone Monitoring application. Brian also writes about exciting and informative discoveries on mobile development.

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