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5 Technologies for Better Project Management

Project Management

The power of mobile devices and the convenience of the cloud, today’s modern computing technology helps so many different areas of our daily lives. Apps and software exist to assist us with a variety of personal and professional tasks, freeing up our time to take on other projects.

The project management professional can also benefit from the technological revolution. However, with so many recent advances and tools available, how do you select a customized solution that suits your needs and helps your team succeed? Successful project management is all about planning, communication, and execution, here are five technologies that will help you achieve the most with your team and reach your targets and deadlines.

#1 Uniting Global Teams to Improve Productivity

The internet has changed corporate communications in a way that has accelerated growth and expansion in a globalized economy. Using the internet to create channels of communication between remote offices operating around the globe can now be done with the click of a mouse button.

Conference calling apps such as Skype and other VOIP systems have now put project managers in an environment that offers instant, on-demand, international communications between team members at any time of day. Screenshotting and live streaming apps allow real-time presentations for an unlimited amount of team members.

#2 Better Communication with Perpetual Connectivity

The power of the internet has brought team members closer together by allowing a freedom of exchange of information. Cloud-based project management tools allow team members to track progress on projects and updates for specific deadlines on targets.

The evolution of cloud computing, mobile applications, and social media is changing the way teams interact and exchange information. These tools help spread work throughout the day because you can answer a question or share a document at any time, anywhere

#3 The Impact of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has changed the way project management teams handle data. Now data no longer needs to be replicated and sorted. It is possible to complete real-time, live updates from any location anywhere in the world from a mobile device. Storing data and managing it is made a lot simpler and most customized project management solutions integrate with your existing cloud operations.

The core focus for both developers and the media with regard to cloud technology in recent years has been with the security around a company’s intellectual property and secure communications. With recent global malware attacks penetrating the servers of many multinational conglomerates, online security and access to data have become a hot issue.

#4 Optimized Workflow Software

The whole key to better project management is effective planning, communication, and execution between your team, management, and the client. Customized project management software such as CRM systems are now available that can suit any organization of any size, with any project they take on.

Workflow Software

Developers are able to integrate your current operating systems and data into the software and create a holistic solution that constantly evolves with the needs of your team. These software packages are available for the smallest teams, to the largest multinationals with hundreds of team members.

#5 Online Learning

The power of the online world has connected project managers in a way never thought possible just two decades ago. Social media, online management portals, support platforms, and online training portals now provide a range of tools and services for project managers at any stage of their careers.

Learning Online

As long as there is access to an online connection and a mobile device, project managers can communicate with the team, update workflow, and even extend their qualifications by earning an online qualification such as the CAPM certification. Being constantly connected allows for more learning opportunities and a faster rate of education and execution.

Wrapping up

The internet and technologies that improve the communications and workflow of project management teams will continue to grow into the future. Technology has allowed teams to communicate in ways never thought possible, reducing the time to make decisions and eliminating bottlenecks in management decisions. Instant communications keep everyone in the team onboard and in touch. Moving forward, we can expect further innovations in this field that create new opportunities and solve challenges, the future looks bright.

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