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5 Super Terrific Reasons to Have a LinkedIn Account – Not Just for Executives

There are plenty of tools and resources that exist that can help online students get a boost to their education and their opportunities.  Things like resource pages, apps, and other similar things are all well worth looking into.  But joining up for LinkedIn is another worthwhile step that you can take to ensure that your education and your life after it all go according to plan.  There are plenty of reasons that you should consider having a LinkedIn Account, and taking a look at some of the main ones will help you see why so many others are signing up.

  1. Connect with Peers – While it’s not the main goal of LinkedIn, the fact that you can connect with your peers is important.  Not only can you communicate and help one another up to a point, but you can also actually spend some time researching what others in your age group and field of study are doing.  You shouldn’t get discouraged by those who’ve accomplished more, but seeing what they’ve done to reach their success can help inspire you and help give you a kind of roadmap for success of your own.
  2. Connect with Professors – Even if your own educators don’t have one you can still take some time and connect with various professors from schools around the country.  This makes it easy to start learning more about the world of education in general and can lead to useful contacts during as well as after your education.
  3. Find Internships – By using LinkedIn you’ll be giving yourself the ability to look through a wealth of opportunities including internships at a number of prestigious companies.  It’s a great way to help you get your foot in the door of some companies that you would otherwise be unable to even contact and thanks to the fact that you can post your relevant information you’ll be able to ensure that they see the best side of you.  In fact, some companies only recruit interns through LinkedIn these days, making it all the more important to consider.
  4. Manage your Portfolio – That’s a big part of why LinkedIn is so important – you can ensure that those considering hiring you are able to see the best side of you and learn more about you.  By setting up your profile properly you’ll be putting an online business card up where millions of others can see it.  That means that you’ll attract potential employers who use the site to search for their next employee, something that is becoming far more common than most people realize.  Be sure to update your profile as you build experience and it can pay off big for you.
  5. Connect with Employers – Simply put, LinkedIn is about making professional connections that drive your professional career forward.  It’s the main reason it exists and the main use for it.  If you’re looking for a way to find potential employers, get started on a new career, advance your current one, or make any other connections that will lead you to greater success in your professional career then you owe it to yourself to take a look at LinkedIn and what it can do for you.

Simply put, LinkedIn is well worth using for your career.  While other social media platforms can be fun and help you communicate with the world at large, none of them offer the business advantages that LinkedIn can provide to you.  Take a few minutes and set up an account and be sure to keep your profile current as you progress through your education or your career.  In the end you’ll be glad that you did.

Author Bio:- Eddy Ayala is a freelance writer forFind Online Education.com, where he enjoys discussing the trends and solutions in higher education as it pertains to affordable and free open source options. More recently he highlighted 10 Interesting Online Courses in Management. He invites feedback on this and his other articles.

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