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5 Strengths of Microsoft as the Cloud Battle Starts to Rage

For the time being, you will still need Windows 8 drivers with the new Windows 8 operating system, but don’t expect all the problems with your PC like you have had in the past. At to put it bluntly, we have had to put up with a lot of problems in the past. Microsoft got the jump-start on everyone else back when it came out with the strategy of being an operating system that was shipped on personal PCs. It was our first look at personal computing, and from that point on everyone could use a computer. There has been no looking back since then, we have just had to put up with a lot of bad designs, architecture and software that was not fit to be sold to us, but we did not really have a choice anyway.

microsoft cloud battle

Microsoft locked in and has dominated the market since. Now there are serious changes, companies like Google, Apple, IBM and many more are coming back, or coming out of no-where with strong delivery, strong products and great marketing directed at every user in the global market. So what does Microsoft have on its side in the fight for our business as the world shifts to cloud computing?

  • We are used to them.Most people are still using Windows despite huge growth by Apple, for example. Most applications are based on the Windows OS, although, even that is changing. Still, as it stands, they have a pretty good position to start the cloud battle from.
  • New OS.Windows 8 will be the first OS to incorporate web-based code and application functionality right into the OS. Not simply as something operating on top of it. That means a personal computing experience that can easily slide into the world of cloud computing without any real user change. There will be not big ‘adjustment’ for users.
  • New products. New products are coming, such as Office 365, will change Microsoft Office, the application that has penetrated and maintained hold on daily use by the majority of consumers around world, even those on Apple, to being cloud-based. There is more on the way. Microsoft bought Skype, for example.
  • Multi-device.Windows 8 is the first operating system that is fully multi-device functional, from smartphones, to any configuration of machine that is produced by any manufacturer.
  • Multi-manufactuer.Windows 8, is even better for any manufacturer to make a machine for. This has been the premise of Microsoft’s strategy from the start. Now, they are finally delivering it. There will be a rush of tablets, desktops, laptops, smartphones and more from manufacturers because the system will work well on whatever they make.
  • Size. There are a number of companies that have been building their services and products to supply us with cloud computing. Microsoft has only just started to get in the race. They are not supplying one single service like iCloud, or one definitive product like Google. Microsoft will bring along thousands of companies, partners and developers with them to the race. We saw this with the way applications and software have grown since the original launch of Windows back in the day.

It is about time the world of personal computing got a shake up. Cloud computing and the battle for our consumer business is the drive behind that fight. Good luck to Microsoft and all and any other company. It is about time we had safe, secure, simple, fast, smooth and better quality products and services at a much better rate.

Author Bio:- Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics, including Windows 8 drivers and Windows 8.

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