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5 Steps to a Successful SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization, better known around the digital world as SEO, is a complicated process to anybody unfamiliar with it, but to those on the inside it can still be somewhat baffling at times. When new clients approach an SEO company ahead of a project, a strategy needs putting in place to help them achieve their goals.

But what are these strategies? Well, each one will be different depending on what the client is trying to achieve. If it’s a “top 5 results for term x” it might be significantly different to “the first three pages of the Google results for term z.” While each strategy is different, there are five key concepts that any good SEO firm will put into action:

  • What they want to achieve;
  • Where they want to be at certain points in the year;
  • Specific focus areas;
  • How we’re going to get them there; and
  • Review and evaluate

The first step is key because without establishing what the client wants to achieve, you’re going in blind, potentially wasting hours and money on a project that is no use to them. What do they want to achieve, how do they want to do it, is this realistic; these are all questions that need asking and researching before making a start. Obviously you never want to turn work down, but if you’re onto a certain defeat from the start, the client needs making aware early with a better plan put in place as opposed to starting the campaign knowing what will happen and not informing the client. The result here? One very unhappy customer.

By establishing where they want to be at different stages of the contract, you can keep a close eye on progress. For instance, if the goal is to be the number one result for term x in the UK in twelve months time, working out where they want to be after three, six and nine months will allow both you and your customer to monitor your progress and if the strategy needs amending.

You then need to focus on specific parts of the project, like where the customers are going to come from and how you want to get them there. Are you after more Facebook likes or more sales? If you want your traffic to come from organic searches for a specific phrase, then focusing on that is one of your focus areas. Alternatively if you’re looking to push a whole range of products or services, pinpointing a number of key terms within that range will result in a rapid increase in traffic, (hopefully!)

Once you’ve worked out what it is you need to do, you need to decide how you’re going to do it. For example, boosting traffic for a specific phrase could involve improving the content on a landing page for that term, but each target will involve different plans.

Finally, having completed your initial strategy, you need to work on improving the process. Just because you’ve got it written down doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. If the plan isn’t working, ie you’re not where you want to be after three or six months, then you might need to go down a different route. You might have to work out which processes are working and which aren’t, discarding the ineffective plans and either increasing your efforts with the effective ones or adding in new ideas. After all, the digital world is always changing and what might have worked a month ago might not be so fruitful now.

Author Bio:- This article was written by Matt Rawlings, a technology blogger specializing in the latest technology and helping businesses and individuals find successful SEO strategies, such as those offered by http://www.vroomseo.ie/

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