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5 Simple Steps to Get Twitter Followers

How do you measure the success of your Twitter marketing efforts? Through leads and conversions, right? However, you can’t get past that finish line when the race hasn’t even begun just yet. What race is that? It’s getting Twitter followers.

Having a hundred Twitter followers is good; having a thousand is great but thousands? That is awesome! What are you, a celebrity?

Believe it or not, most people on Twitter will associate that big of a number to celebrities and big corporate businesses. They sure do not expect that from a mere local business or a start-up, for that matter.  The nature of Twitter makes people with a large following look important and worth the attention they are due. You see if they do not deserve the attention, why would anyone, not to mention thousands of them, give time to follow a nobody?

It just goes to say that building a Twitter following will help establish a name, whether it is for business or for personal reasons.

Now let’s try to decipher this puzzling phenomenon by establishing the simplest ways possible on getting followers in five (5) steps.

#1 Create Informative and SEO-friendly Account

What do people first notice when arriving at your Twitter page? Of course, it’s your Twitter handle. Your Twitter account should hold a name that represents either your brand or you as an entrepreneur. It has to bear the niche (e.g. social media, SEO) or the name of the company itself with your main keyword, of course. This helps make your Twitter handle searchable.

Rationale: Twitter users want to know who and what they are dealing with. They are hesitant about following people with an obscure purpose.

#2 Customize Background with a Call-to-Action

This is one of the most innovative ideas that most brands fail to maximize. Instead of placing call-to-action after every 5th post, you can place it in an immovable spot, like your Twitter background. You can customize it to show your website, main services offered, email address, contact number or other social website accounts. You can also be as bold as to place “Click the follow button.” Who wouldn’t notice that sort of information when it’s very prominent and staring people in their faces?

Rationale: People are attracted to great designs, but they won’t do anything about it unless you remind them to do so. Your call-to-action depends entirely to your goal upon first sighting.

#3 Tweet Regularly and in a Timely Manner

Don’t be random. When you want people to follow you, give them the exact days and time that you are normally posting. This will help them figure out when to look forward to your next post and also aid you in acknowledging retweets and mentions. Stay flexible in your posts but also try to have the same attitude. You can stick to your niche, so your existing followers won’t get disappointed. At the same time, try something new, so they won’t get bored. Try to create a balance to everything.

Rationale: It’s not helpful to your goal if you keep Twitter users second guessing. They don’t want to bother with people who can’t deliver on the time they are available and willing.

#4 Accomplish 40% Content, 60% Engagement

Content is the King. That is true but people on Twitter have enough of content being flung left and right. What they need is content with the ability to initiate interaction or engagement. What is your topic about? Will it rouse Twitter users’ curiosity, interest or create enough impression to launch a discussion, perhaps a Twitter chat? Twitter is made to be dynamic, active and real-time. They won’t care a fig about your content, unless you give them a reason to care by your own means.

Rationale: Engagement is the most important activity that can help you get followers. Once people knew you are the sort of user who tweets and replies, they will be encouraged to not only follow but also to tune in to your every post, if only to join the discussion you have initiated.

#5 Return the Favor to Those Who Deserve It

It is quite flattering to know that people have decided to follow you, but that does not require you to automatically follow them back. Nope. Just like any other friends out there in real life, you must choose the good ones from the rotten ones, to remain unspoiled. Don’t associate with spammers or followers who have ill intentions. This could also affect the good sort of followers you have, which will not reflect well on you.

Rationale: Don’t let valuable followers or page visitors see you following spammy people or this will discourage them and prompt them to either unfollow or not follow you at all.

Author Bio:- Carrie Drisko is a social media marketing expert who imparts her extensive knowledge on social networks and their influence in business in the midst of a cutting-edge online market. She is a web content writer for Buy Real Marketing, a company that allows businesses to buy Twitter followers for social proof.

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  • Adil

    July 20, 2012, 12:01 pm

    Twitter is a great source of attracting large visitors. But it requires constant efforts over the period of time. You mentioned all the necessary points very well.

    I suggests that Once your twitter a/c looks professional you should stress on good material posting regularly. Because people are there to see some good and unique things. and If you succeed in this so your follower base will automatically increase.

  • Gautham Nekkanti

    July 19, 2012, 6:46 pm

    Social Media is one of the best promotional methods and link building too post-panda. Thanks for the great article Bilal


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