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5 Significant Questions to Ask Android App Developers

Android is an operating system developed initially around the Linux core, developed initially by Google and then taken by the Open Handset Alliance. Android allows the programmers to write a Java code, and to control the device with the help of some virtual libraries developed by Google. The operating system was launched by Google under the Apache license, which is an open source license. In other words, with Android, you can navigate the internet, you can record data with the GPS technology, and you can even listen to the music.

1# Is Android better than Apple?

According to the developers, it is a lot easier to develop programs for Android. Moreover, the applications can be added to the market without the approval of Google, making it ideal even for beginner programmers that only want to develop some simple applications to develop their skills. On the contrary, Apple analyzes any application carefully, and only the best of them would be allowed on the market.

2# Is Android Flexible?

In terms of flexibility, Android can be considered as one of the most reliable systems. The user can choose the platform to use Android. It is supported by a large number of phones, tablets and laptops, so the user has the choice about the platform, considering the budget and the expected performances.

Android also benefits of customizable ROM. There are a number of users that develop ROMs, which are images of the Android operating system, which can be customized and adapted to the majority of devices. Those ROMs can bring design changes, and also new versions of the operating system that are not developed normally.

3# What are the features of Android?

Android comes with full Google integration, and also social networking facilities. You can search on Google directly from the main screen, and you will also have instant access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The home screen of Android can also be customized with a multitude of widgets, which ease the access of different users to the facilities of the program.

4# IS Android free?

The main advantage of Android is the fact that it is an open source, this way, each person has the right to modify the operating system as he or she likes, and the last drop of performance of the device can be used with this system.

5# What can we expect from Android in the near future?

Once the new Android version will be launched, many people are curious about the changes that will be brought to those devices. The interface will be improved, and the number of widgets will also be increased. Besides those improvements, you will also benefit of a new keyboard, tabs in browser that are Google synchronized, HD YouTube, camera applications, and also new functions such as Media Sync that will add media files to the database of the program instantly. One of the most interesting feature is NFC, a function that will allow the Android devices to transmit small quantities of information one with the other.

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