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5 Selfish Reasons To Provide WiFi Services At Your Event

A temporary broadband connection can be created at just about any event, even if it’s a music festival in a muddy field, an exhibition in a marquee, a stately home or a conference venue with an awkwardly shaped room and inadequate existing WiFi. No venue is too big, small or remote for professional internet engineers. But just because you can, does that mean you should?

Providing a temporary internet service isn’t just about being nice to guests. It’s about offering a service which gains you more publicity, sells more tickets, impresses attendees and ensures your business is remembered for the right reasons.

Here are the top 5 benefits of providing temporary broadband at an event:

wifi at events

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1. PR

You don’t have to blow your event’s own trumpet; let others do it for you. Any organiser would be a fool to turn down a service which provides free publicity for their event or business. Secure a press attendance with an offer of free WiFi, which allows journalists to write and publish reviews, blog posts or news articles onsite. Old news is not news, and an internet connection is an important factor in whether a reporter, blogger or reviewer will attend your event.

A temporary internet connection for guests will promote organic discussion of your event, and garner further publicity. Attendees will update their social networks and blogs with where they are and what’s happening, spreading your message to your target audience.

2. Additional Form of Revenue

If you choose to charge your guests for your WiFi services, it’s is another form of revenue and a chance to earn back the costs of providing the connection. Other options are selling advertising space on the opening landing page, or directing users to a particular website when users first open their browser.

3. Flexibility with Services

This is one of the obvious benefits of providing a temporary internet service. WiFi allows you to provide site-wide cash machines and chip and pin machines if you are hosting a festival or roadshow, or pool ideas together and work collaboratively at a conference or meeting. Speakers may require WiFi for their presentation, and it can be used by you for contacting guests or performers, publishing live updates or checking your publicity. All in all, temporary internet helps you ensure your event runs smoothly.

4. Draw In More Guests

WiFi services don’t only serve your guests when they are at your event; they also draw them to your event. Mention you’ll be providing an internet connection in your usual advertising materials; it acts as an extra draw for potential guests with smart phones, netbooks, tablets and laptops.

Your guests will be more willing to attend if they feel ‘in touch’ with their work, clients, customers or friends. In the case of a conference, delegates may only attend because they will be able to work from your venue, reducing any apprehension they may have about spending a day out of the office. Organisers are also choosing to offer temporary broadband to draw in guests who can’t bear to part with their beloved technology. We are becoming increasingly dependent on our mobile devices, and it’s much easier to decide to attend an event if it caters to this constant need for broadband or 3G.

5. Impress Attendees

If your event is business-based, such as a conference, show, exhibition, meeting, product launch or awards ceremony, one of your primary intentions is to impress. Providing a fast, reliable WiFi service with a bandwidth tailored to the size and requirements of the audience is no mean feat. If you find providers who can pull it off, however, it is the perfect way to showcase your business as dependable, tech-savvy and up-to-date. Thank your guests with a service they actually want, while ensuring your business is remembered for the right reasons.

These days, the public expects temporary internet at any event, and failing to provide an adequate connection will only reflect badly on your business. Despite this expectation, a strong, reliable temporary internet connection is rare. Shareholders, staff or conference delegates who are all too used to dodgy connections in hotels and venues will be impressed by temporary internet services which actually work. If your event is a regular occurrence, like a festival, meeting, conference or exhibition, it’s also a sure fire way to secure guests at future events.

Author Bio:- This post was written by Colin Robinson, an expert in temporary internet connections. While providing WiFi at your event has many advantages, you need to choose your engineers carefully for a reliable connection with adequate bandwidth. He recommends Noba, who have enabled temporary broadband across the globe for some of the world’s biggest brands.

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  • nilesh

    September 7, 2012, 11:00 pm

    Hello Khalid, Enabling wifi in any event really helps in increasing the strength of that event. I have tried it earlier it works and thanks for rest of the profits provided


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