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5 Security Tips for Windows XP

It is very important that your Genuine Windows XP is safe and secure from outside infection and hackers.  Most of the times, we ignore the security measures and we really have to pay big amount later on.  With the help of below mentioned security tips; you definitely will be able to make difference:

windows xp security tips

Automatic Updates

One of the best method to secure your computer is to run updates on your machine. You can change the settings and make them enabled. You can even schedule the time for running these updates. It will also help to speedup windows xp and eliminate errors.

Update your operating system

It has also been observed that people do not update operating system which may cause some security issues. You must keep your system up-to-date so that you can prevent your system from various security issues. It also helps in making your windows xp error free.

Anti-virus software

The system must have genuine anti-virus software installed which may protect valuable data, files and your personal information. There are lots of anti-virus software available on the internet and not all of them are reliable. They even may remove important data files and registry entries from the system. In order to protect the system, you must buy anti-virus software rather than downloading it for free. I recommend Bitdefender Anti Virus, because it is relabel and powerful one.

Internet passwords

If you are using wireless internet connections; there are various possibilities that people may use the same connection in your vicinity. Some hackers may also be using your connection for downloading illicit material from the internet. In order to prevent this situation, you must keep a password for accessing the internet. This will provide you protection from hackers and bad people. You can then freely brows internet.

Create limited access accounts

If your computer is being shared by more than one person; then you can give limited access to people. This will help you protect your computer from the persons who may misuse it for downloading software and other applications.

Security is the main concern for most of the people and they can perform above mentioned tasks to get the better results. You can get help from professionals who have knowledge and experience in providing security on computers.