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5 Reasons Why iPhone is Better than the Android

Of-late we are witnessing a great Tech-war going on between the Apple and Google’s Androids; both of them have few points to support each other’s dominance in the mobile market, So who wins/leads the race only the time can decide this debate.

Below we can witness few areas where Apple has scored an edge over the Androids;

1. Apple’s intimidating App store:

We can refer Apple as a complete tree in this aspect — We all know that Apple was the very first company that started to provide and build apps VIA its own “App store” for its phones, and this is where Apple has reserved it’s lead over the rest of the world(of mobiles); The Apple has actually done wonders with more than half a million Apps and Androids are closing in on with these numbers. And more absorbing factor about the Apple’s “App store” is that it is very healthy — Apple follows a very stringent approval procedures to approve each of it’s apps before it reaches its Users.

2. Apple happy updating feature:

Updating the devices constantly requires a lot of control, and this control can be attained only when you are the master of the entire set-up(talking about your software and hardware here), Apple looks after it’s devices solely and takes care of the updations smoothly, its an one man Army, so Apple knows what it is doing. Talking about the Updates, Apple’s multi-device OS may also mean that Apple may not have to produce a different mobile for every new update, Which means a device purchased in 2009, can be updated 2 or 3 years later! — The tribute of manufacturing much less devices is justifiable due to this reason.

In contrast Android’s update cycle is a chain of actions with manufacturers, who never own or control the core Operating systems. What happens next is a complete disaster which leads to production of a new phone for almost every single updations, sadly leaving the older versions as outdated versions. This may also be due to the inability with the manufacturers to offer the updations for free. All in all Apple sits pretty here in this case.

3. Apple’s true-blue fans community:

Apple has hit the mobile stores in those times, where people felt like carrying an Apple is just similar to finding a touch of inner peace — It is so sacred, it’s elicit Apple logo, wide screens are just enough to stun anyone!! Apple has strongly built that emotional base in its Users that makes them to follow Apple patriotically.

Androids community has increased by attaining 52.2% of the US market shares for the 2012 July quarter — Though ecstatic, these numbers are not stable, since its an aggregation of Users from various different manufacturers like HTC, LG, ZTE, and if these manufacturers decide to build their own platforms then Android User numbers will reduce terribly. Hence we cannot expect an traditional fan-base for the Google’s Androids.

4. Apple’s Security and support:

It always gives a sense of security when your fate lies within your hands; Apple’s Users know where to land when they end up with some issues or problems with their devices, but in contrast, Android User’s fate is still with various other third parties(like HTC, Samsung etc…), these third party markets are about to decide the Androids’ market fate, so what’s critical here is that at times the Android Users will be left in a spot of bother — Apple’s iOS is a multi-device OS, which yields a great support and hardware-Software set-ups that enables the quality-phone-builds.

5. Androids main strengths can become it’s worst nightmares!!

Androids openness and transparency factors have become one of their main strengths, but are these factors really going to last long; Android’s third party manufacturers have got to say completely about this, since if they decide to take away these plus factors from Androids and start migrating towards the contradictory versions of Androids posing restrictions over the User experiences on Android phones — We have already seen this happening with Samsung Galaxy S, where Users are unable to replace the Bing search with Google search.

And also the situation may arise where the third parties may decide to replace these Androids with their own Android’s mimic — The new legal obligations for the Android smartphone makers like HTC, LG, ZTE, and also Samsung will force these makers to adopt an alternative platform. This may become a huge disaster for the Google’s Android.


You may like an Android or an Apple, it is just a choice you make based on few prime factors, but then we have to keep in mind that Apple has made many innovative contributions to the mobile world, and also the current day’s fact is that the Androids are making high number of sales and also capturing high percentage of the mobile share markets and is being coined as the “Fast company” by few; The above 5 points can be attributed to Apple, but then i can sit and write another 5 points where Androids have an edge over Apple!! Apple or Androids it is just a matter of someone’s opinion to choose either of them, an Apple user may be a huge fan of Android and Vice-versa (or) the above 5 points cannot mesmerize an Android user and tempt him/her to switch to Apple, isn’t it?!, it is with us to understand and accept the pros and cons of each mobile and give them their benefits honestly.

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