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5 Reasons Why Blogger Must Use Google Wave

Google wave is a browser based application and a new innovation in the market of social networking, blogging and internet marketing. Although there are some google wave alternatives, but what makes Google Wave different from other social media, is that Wave is more powerful and feature rich then other websites. For example Wave Robots, and Extensions make it more useful for internet users and spacially for business community. As a blogger you must know that what can you get from Google Wave. Below given are the Five Reasons why blogger must use Google Wave:

google wave

Easy to accessible, one for all & a time saving application

With the help of it the bloggers can get the updated and latest information easily, this will enable the bloggers to update the details of the blogs in time instantly. Below given are advanced features:

  • Playback option to review the past happenings.
  • Securely fix the waves on your blogs.
  • Incorporated with tweeter hence, can easily receive tweets, post your tweets and many more.
  • Drag and drop the files you want to share.
  • Advance spell checker will save your writing from grammatical and spelling glitches.

Spread you blog content in Google wave with the help of RSS Feed

Now the bloggers can spread the blog in Google wave with the help of your RSS Feed. When you will be publishing the blog soon this will be exported to Google wave and the readers will be able to read through Google Wave can post the comment as well.

Advertise and Promote your Blog

The main objective of any blogger will always be to decentralize the content of the blog and that is a reason why blogger must use Google wave. It gives full autonomy to the readers to decide how to read and comment on your blog and attract more readers. Thus, the more space will be provided to your blog for advertisements.

Easy Interaction with the Readers

Now with the help of this innovation the readers can easily communicate through Google and no more required visiting your blog every time. The readers will be more interested in it because it will allow them to interact with each other and comment instantly.

Can Create Public Domain

With the use of Google Wave, now your blog will not only be limited to you and your readers but you can make you blog in to a public domain. Whatever you will be doing in your blog will go public what you need to do for this to add on the Bot [email protected]