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5 Reasons to Consider Information marketing as your Business Model

Information marketing is the concept of selling information i.e. digital products. Though internet is the source of free education, many people are unsure when it comes to finding the right information. Considering information marketing as your business model is not only lucrative but is also easy.

Here are some reasons to consider information marketing as your business model

1. Ease in creation:

For instance, let us consider John to be an expert in dog training. He has been training dogs for years. Though he is not a world-renowned dog trainer, he does have some great skills. Finally, he decides to write down and create a book on dog training. His minimum requirement is a pen and paper or just a computer. As soon as he has done writing, the book is marketed and money starts pouring into his account, isn’t that easy?

2. No investment:

How many businesses can be started without an investment? Well, I do not know the exact answer but I do know that information marketing requires nil investment. The only part of investment, if considered, is the electricity charge and your time.

3. No storage facility required:

Consider any sort of business. After creating products, you require a storage facility. Depending upon the quantity of the product, the cost increases. In case you own a storage facility, it does require some investment.

On the other hand, consider information marketing. I have never come across a book greater than 60MB. In fact, 60 MB is considered huge. Generally, the created book will require not more than 10 MB unless there is heavy usage of images. Therefore, in information marketing just few Megabytes is required, which is fractional to the size of conventional storage facilities.

4. Meeting Demand with ease

Meeting supply and demand is crucial. If the demand exceeds, the product creation should be increased. Similarly, when demand decreases, product creation should be decreased. This meeting of demand and altering product creation induces stress. However, information marketing has no such tiresome process of meeting demand. A single product is sufficient to meet the demand of the entire universe. Yes! That is the beauty of information marketing. Replication of each copy can be done within a fraction of second.

5. No Handling and transportation:

Handling and transportation is another part of conventional businesses, which requires time and money. When it comes to information marketing, handling, and transportation is out of the question. A few Megabytes of storage is enough. The digital product doesn’t have to be packed, handled or transported. However, when a sale is made the product is swiftly transferred to the buyer at the very instant.

Upon buying, the buyer finds the product right into their inbox. This is done through the help of autoresponders. Sellers are excused from any troubles. Moreover, there is enough time to create another product and increase your overall revenue.

Some might have the question; why would anyone purchase if the information is available freely. Though the question is to the point, it misses an important aspect. The internet does have information but they are scattered. People will gladly pay you to bring required information under an umbrella and save their time.

Author Bio:- Richie Richardson provides small business seo service and loves to write on SEO and Internet Marketing. He also provides guest posting service, helping people to market their business.

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