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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App

Small Business Mobile App

With tablet and smartphone adoption about to reach ubiquity, now is the best time to start thinking about building a mobile app for your business. Countless small business owners are discovering that having a mobile presence is a critical part of day-to-day transactions. In fact, by 2016 many small businesses had realized that 70 percent of their total traffic was coming from mobile, and the shift towards a mobile app has become obvious.

So, apart from following a popular trend, why should you create a business mobile app? Here are the top five reasons why small businesses are angling to build their own apps.

Increased Sales

Chances are high that your customers found you and your products online, and they have already done purchases through your mobile website. Adding purchase capabilities into your app ensures that they can purchase what they want from you, any time. A mobile app with a catalog of your products or services, ordering and reservation abilities makes it easier for your customers to buy and pay for what they want from their mobile device.

A good app facilitates faster checkout, ultimately leading to sales increase. You also have an opportunity to alert your customers of new events, products, services, deals, etc.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment solutions allow small business to swipe customer credit cards and handle transactions through the smartphone, tablet or a sleek point-of-sale device. This is a big timesaver that does not require customized payment solutions or a bulky cash register. Instead, it allows your business to receive payments from customers while on-the-go, in a matter of seconds.

Improved Customer Experience

Your business’ mobile app is a constant feature on your customers’ phones, offering a means of accessing information that is right at the end of their fingertips. The constant presence will help improve customer experience.

Mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites are valuable tools that address different needs. Mobile apps are best placed to help in user retention and offering better ways of interacting with your customers. Apps are not targeted at random individuals looking for your company’s website, but are designed to reward your loyal customers.

Mobile Loyalty Programs

When your customer downloads your app, they are privy to exclusive early bird specials, deals and more. Not only does your app help you gain valuable information for better offers, but your customer also feels appreciated and valued. This goes on to increase your engagement and revenue.

Once you’ve learned what is GSDN, you will realize a mobile app has a unique offering that is both beneficial to your customer and your business. For starters, you are giving the customer a smart mobile solution through a device they are always carrying and who doesn’t love hunting for a good coupon? As the seller, you gain valuable insight into your loyal customers’ buying habits so you can communicate with them and offer better rewards based on the data received from the mobile app.

Augmented Reality

Geo-location in combination with a device’s camera turns every step your customer takes into an opportunity for you to market your business. Simply opening your augmented reality enabled app turns everything in view of the customer’s camera phone into a buying opportunity. For example, if your business is around Times Square, a customer in that physical location gets a list of critical information that includes discounts, street addresses and your business name, overlaying their real-life experience.

Remember, a mobile app is not the same thing as a mobile-friendly website. The app offers numerous unique features that are more developed and more engaging compared to web elements. Creating an app for your small business means that you are tapping into an increasingly mobile-centric customer base.

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