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5 Reasons No One Links To Your Blog

There are many different elements that determine the ranking of a blog, but the most important are backlinks. Backlinks simply show how popular a bog is and how much love people have for it and almost backlinks are everything of your blog. Having more increase your Search Engine Ranking Position .They can be said as the oxygen for your bog:

How much pretty traffic you are getting daily on your blog, you are always greedy for more and more traffic.

But sometimes you don’t get as many backlinks as you expect. When you are in such position, instead of getting mad at other bloggers, think for a moment.

There might be something wrong at your side. There might be one of these reasons that is hindering your blog from getting backlinks.

So What’s could be the reason’s your blog is not getting any backlinks ? How to Fix them ? What to do with your blog to build backlinks?

Here are the Five reasons which can tell you why No one Links to your Blog ?

Poor Quality Content:

quality backlinks

Content was king a few years ago and trust me it is king to this day. This is because content is the most basic thing of this space called “Blogosphere” and is like oxygen for Internet. If you are unable to create killer quality content, never expect anybody to ever link to you. Try to write unique and quality content in order to gain traffic and backlinks  to your blog .

In a mathematical equation, I can say

More Traffic = More links to your blog

Inappropriate Niche:

Inappropriate Niche

People link to the blogs that are not only good in quality, but they are relevant to their niches as well. If you are blogging in a niche that has little to no focus, backlinks are going to be very rare. This is the reason most of expert bloggers suggest to go and start a blog in hot niches.

Tip : You can use link exchange method to gain backlinks for their blogs .

No Traffic:

no traffic

No traffic simply means no backlinks. If no one is coming to your blog and viewing your work except your friends and family, why are you even expecting backlinks? In order to have a blog that has tons of backlinks, you need to work on traffic and take it to as higher levels as you can.

Very Wide Niche:

Very Wide Niche

If your blog niche is very wide, you are confusing your readers and they don’t have any idea what your blog is specifically about. This ends up giving them the feeling that your blog is inappropriate for their readers which results in you ending up being sad and mad about your rankings.

Over to you :  If you have any point in your mind which can be a good reason why no one links to your blog than let us know in the comment section below !

Author Bio:- Hello, I’m Raja Tahir Qaiser. Young Passionate Blogger and Online Marketer, working with a famous Tech News Portal named as (Britainbeep.com). Don’t Forget to Read Laptop Reviews .

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  • Jenny Samuel

    July 15, 2013, 4:35 pm

    Thanks Bilal, I’m new to blogging. Will follow these strategies in my blog and hope will get more visits. Thanks for the analysis.


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