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5 Reasons Google + May Be Better Than Facebook

By now, you’ve heard all of the buzz about Google Plus, and for those of us who are frustrated with Facebook’s convoluted maze of privacy rules, restrictions and ever-changing settings, Google Plus seems like a breath of fresh air. First, let’s take a look at some of the features:

google +

SPARKS- Sparks are essentially topics that interest you. Google begins by suggesting a few things for you to choose from. However, you can search for specific interests and have it added to your profile where you will receive all of the latest updates. For instance, do you like fitness? Receive all of the latest buzz around fitness topics, then share it with your friends.

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CIRCLES- Here’s where Google Plus really shines in the face of Facebook. Circles are essentially groups that you can lump different individuals into. Simple and easy to use, drag and drop different people into different circles that you create in order to share certain information with certain groups. For instance, you might create circles for friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and other random people that you meet. No more checking and unchecking boxes because you don’t want certain people to see certain things. On Google Plus, everything is simplified. Facebook could certainly take note.

HANGOUT- Like to chat face to face? Hangout is a video chat service akin to Skype. Up to 10 individuals can be in a ‘hangout’ at any given time. This is definitely a great feature for employees who work abroad or for friends and family.

5 Reasons Google Plus Outshines Facebook

  1. It’s super simple to use.
  1. Privacy is easier to control. No more jumping through hoops on Facebook to set up different privacy settings for each person you’re friends with. With Circles, it is easier than ever to control how and what you share.
  2. Google Plus is better integrated. Most people have a gmail account nowadays. Additionally, you can integrate use of Google Voice for voicemail/texting; and Picasa is outshining Flickr with regards to photo storage online.
  3. Personal data may be safer. With all of the controversy surrounding Facebook and its privacy settings, Google has taken a more mature approach, with Google giving you privacy controls for each piece of information that you upload in a way that makes more sense and is easier to understand.
  4. Google Plus allows you to be more social. With Facebook, you’re either friends with someone or you’re not. After all, how many times have you felt as though you were “guilted” into adding someone as a friend on Facebook that you didn’t really want to add? With Google Plus, you can add whomever you want and put them into the appropriate circle. Best of all, that person will never know which circle you have put them into! The settings that you set up for a particular circle of people will apply, and you won’t have to worry about privacy controls ever again. Now you can add who you want, when you want without having to feel guilty 🙂

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