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5 Reasons To Get Excited About Google Helpouts

Google consistently leads the front for innovation, and once again they push the envelope with the introduction of Google Helpouts. Based on a similar format to Google Hangouts, this service allows users the ability to access a network of professionals that can help with everything from questions about computers to learning how to cook. Here are just a few of the reasons you should be excited about the introduction of Google Helpouts.

Google Helpouts

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Live Help

One of the most exciting features of Google Helpouts is that the help is performed live. Google allows you not only to communicate with the professional that’s helping you, but you can also share your screen with them, and even record the entire session for your own use later. While many may be thinking that how-to information is abundantly available on YouTube through a quick video search, the benefit of Helpouts is that you can ask questions throughout the process and get a live response.

Subject Variety

Another great feature of Google Helpouts is the variety of help provided. Google breaks down its helpouts into eight categories which include Art and Music, Computers and Electronics, Cooking, Education and Careers, Fashion and Beauty, Fitness and Nutrition, Health, and Home and Garden. Within these categories you can find professionals with answers to just about any question you have.


Once you navigate to your desired topic, Google provides the ability to choose which helpout professional to use. This is another exciting feature of Google Helpouts as you have the ability to choose your help based off of characteristics like educational or experience qualifications, user reviews, the price of the help and user scores. Even better, if you are not fully satisfied with your help session, Google’s money back guarantee has you covered.

Make Money

Google Helpouts is also exciting for professionals who want another venue for selling their services. Whether you’re a teacher or a professional in fields from science to music, you can sell your services through Google Helpout. After approval from Google, set the length of session that you wish to provide, along with the price for that session. Google brings your students to you and allows them to use products like Google Wallet to pay for your services.

Sell Products

Professionals have the option to provide their service for pay or for free. This makes Google Helpouts exciting for marketers as well by allowing a new avenue for product promotion. For example, an interior designer could offer their services for free, but use their time to suggest their own products or products that they get incentives to promote and sell. Several name brand businesses ranging from Sears to Weight Watchers also use Helpouts to promote their brand, opening another avenue of use for the application.

While the site is still small, Google has plans to quickly expand the service over time by offering more topics and professional options. While it may take some time to get used to the live format, Google Helpouts provides a product that not only individuals can get excited about, but also marketing and business professionals looking for new ways to promote their services and products.

Jenna Graham writes all about technologiy, especially with education and business. Her recent work is on the Best Online Bachelor of Accounting Degree Programs.

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