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5 Products That Are Bought the Most On Internet

I am not a shopaholic by any stretch of the examination. Nor am I a marketing professional who has dedicated several days to studying shopping trends. However, I read a lot, watch a lot, interact a lot, and hence find it a worthwhile activity to share with readers my opinions on the products most commonly and frequently bought online. You might agree or choose to disagree, but here’s with the list nonetheless.

Products that are bought the most on internet

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When people get a product right at the place where they want to use it, there’s nothing stopping them from hitting the BUY button. Affordability and peripheral services have really opened up the minds of people towards genuine software, and courtesy innovative channels of delivery such as the Internet, the sales have witnessed added impetus. I don’t remember the last time I went to the computer products store to purchase a software disk!

There’s no doubt in my mind that if I were to make an annual spending sheet and categorize the top 5 spending categories, software and digital products would feature in there. In fact, just about 8 or 9 months back, I bought a complete album online. Truly, digital goods are moving online; not only does it become easier for creators and marketers of these products to sell them online, but also allows them to pass on the cost advantages of there being no physical carrier devices such as CDs and DVDs.


My son has had a terrible Valentine’s Day this year; that’s because he coaxed me into giving him my new Chevrolet for his date. The politest way I can put it in is – I was not impressed to see red stains on the gear box because of rose pigment being smeared all across there! Goes without saying, little son got a piece of mind. He might want to order flowers online the next time around. With flowers getting delivered right where you want them to, you save yourself from the hassle of keeping messy flowers in your cars and all other places. Also, the recipient gets the convenience of keeping the flowers safely, rather than spending the entire evening managing a heavy bouquet or risking the ire of the gifting person by leaving the flowers behind somewhere!

Women’s apparel

You knew this was coming, right? On a revenue basis, women’s apparel makes for the biggest contributor to annual online sales in the US, as per Forrester Research! Even on an observational basis, one can afford to stick his/her neck out and say that women’s apparel has to be the most buzzing online trade. There are two pretty basic explanations that I would like to share here.

Firstly, women can never get enough of apparel and accessories, and browsing through online store catalogs is becoming a favorite pastime of sorts for many of them.

Secondly, there are huge margins in the apparel market, and the sole barrier to trade is the requirement of initial capital to set up a swanky shop. That is taken care of because of ecommerce, and this has given ample motivation to several businessmen to set up digital shops offering women’s apparel and accessories.

Computer, laptop and mobile accessories

Not that the parent products are not bought online, but people have fairly and squarely moved on to online shopping for all their digital accessories shopping.

According to me, the fact that retailers have always enough stock to consider selling through simultaneous alternative channels has to be credited for the number of retailers and hence the price competition we see in this product category. Then, there’s the fact that the small SKU size of these accessories attracts only reasonable shipping costs and hence does not take away the margins from the sale. As I write this, I await the delivery of a laptop cooling pad and a 16 GB pen drive that looks like a beer can, both sales duly made at an online store!

Printer supplies

Alright, I mean ink cartridges in particular. However, considering that ink cartridges contribute a massive percentage of your expenses on printer supplies, the heading is not too much out of place. It has been more than 3 years since I bought an ink cartridge from an online store; it has all been online shopping from that time. There are so many sellers out there offering discounted ink cartridges, third party manufactured ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer model, and remanufactured ink cartridges that use original cartridge parts but cost much less. In fact, you can wipe a large portion of your ink cartridge expenses off by shifting your purchasing online. With so many free shipping, discount-on-bulk, and Buy One Get One offers floating around the virtual shopping spaces, there really is no reason for you to say NO!

This article is contributed  by Alex H.

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