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5 Online MS World, Excel, PostScripts, PDF and Powerpoint Viewers

Internet has provided us a lot of handy tools that can save our precious time. Instead of downloading and installing a large sized file, why not use it online on internet and save time and space. For example instead of downloading photo editing tools you can use online photo editing tools in your favorite web browser to edit photos. Similarly online photo resizing tools and online pdf converters tools can help you a lot in your projects. Although Micro Soft provides you handy applications to use in your computer, but what if you have no office CD and need to view a MS World, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files. Well there are online tools available that you can use and view any of the below listed format files.

online documents viewers[Image Credit]

.doc, .xml, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .rtf, .html, .odt, .ods, .wpd, .csv and xls etc…

Tools to View Documents Online

1. Zoho Viewer

This is one of the popular and free tool through which you can view any of the above files. Ms Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, Powerpoint and etc. You have 2 options, enter the URL of the file if it is on the web OR browse your computer and select the file. Click on “View” button and in the box you will see the file opened will all features.

2. Samurajdata

Samurajdata provides you a very handy browser based tool, where you can view PDF, PostScripts and MS world files. Even you can use it to convert files to the available formats. Page Zoom, Layout, Color, Bookmarklet and Inlink Translation is also available.

3. Docs Pal

It provides you both online conversion and viewing of different files. It also supports documents, audio videos, images, ebooks and archives. Both option are available, whether to enter the URL or browse your computer for the file. It is free and you can use it without restrictions.

4. Google Docs Viewer

Yes a very handy tool from Big G that can be used to view PDF files, Powerpoint presentations and MS Word files. However here is only one option and that is that if the file is available online. Then you can view it pasting its URL in the Google Docs Viewer.

5. View Docs Online

The easiest and simplest way to view your documents online is to use View Docs Online tool. Both options are available in this tool. You can view all Ms Office and PDF files in this tool. You can also login to the website using your Facebook Account, you manage your uploaded documents.

I hope these tool will save your time, space and money also. Use them and don’t install any of the software if don’t want to consume your hard drive space. However the disadvantage is that if your have not internet access then you can’t views these tools. In emergency timing these tool can help you a lot. Don’t forget to share any other tool without readers.

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  • Thiru

    October 19, 2010, 10:33 am

    I am using Google documents to view all my docs. Thnks for suggestion some more resources Bilal.


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