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5 of the Best Alarm Apps

These days there are several apps available in the market that ensure a perfect start of the day for you. These apps are available at very low price or even free of cost for your smartphones and work both for Android and iOS. Alarm clocks that come with smartphones have multiple interesting and sophisticated features which will make you ditch your default alarm clocks. Here are some really useful apps for your smartphones to ensure perfect mornings:

1# Sleep Cycle:

Sleep Cycle app

Sleep Cycle is an amazing alarm clock that works with iOS so you can install it on your iPhone and iPod touch. This is a motion sensitive alarm app which has accelerometer to measure your movements while you are sleeping to determine if you are in deep sleep or lighter sleep mode. Let’s say you want to be up at 8:00 A.M. so it will register when you toss, turn and adjust yourself in bed so it knows that you are in lighter sleep and will start waking you up gently before 8:00 AM rather than just sounding like a Star Wars’ warning alarm at 8:00.

Download for iPhone | Price:- $0.99

2# Gentle Alarm:

Gentle Alarm app

This one alarm clock app performs various functions like you can adjust the length, type and modulation of your alarm so you can use them accordingly for your morning alarms, power naps and as reminder alarms. It also detects when you are in deep sleep or light sleep through sleep cycle monitor and tries to wake you up gently with the help of pre-alarms. If you try to hit snooze, you have to unlock your smartphone using a complicated unlock pattern which ensures that you wake up.

Download for iPhone | Price:- $3.99

3# Alarm Clock Plus V2

Alarm Clock Plus V2

Alarm Clock Plus V2 gives you the ability to customize many of its features. It is available for Android and allows you to create playlist of your favorite songs that will wake you up. You can also set ringtones from your smartphone as alarm, control the snoozes and the alarm gets disabled only when you solve a math problem just to ensure that you wake up. This app gives you quick access to photo slideshow and music player. As soon as the alarm goes off you can listen to news, check your emails, and listen to the local weather report with the help of Alarm Clock Plus V2.

Download for Android | Price:- Free

4# Alarm Klock

Alarm Klock App

Alarm Klock is another amazing alarm app for your smartphones which has multiple features besides default alarm clock functions. This app has MP3 alarms, variable snoozes, motion sensors, math-based snooze disable button and music playlists etc. It is developed for Android and is much more than a regular alarm app.

Download for Android| Price:- Free

5# Wakeful

Wakeful app

Wakeful is originally developed for Blackberry and is very useful app which ensures a perfect and informed morning for you. As soon as Wakeful wakes you up, it tells you all the news headlines, current stock information, local weather conditions and launches your email reader for you. Wakeful is also available for iOS and Android devices so that other users can also enjoy it.

Download for iPhone| Download for Android | Price:- Free

These are some of the best alarm apps which are really important to start your day timely and be reminded of other important events on your calendar. Also you can check out many anti-theft tools or cell phone monitoring software programs for your smartphone which prevent your smartphone devices from being lost or stolen.

Author Bio:- This is a guest post contributed by Ida C. Evans – an experienced writer in a high tech sphere. Ida C. Evans works at a company developing spy mobile applications. Contact her at idacevans@gmail.com.

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