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5 Novelty Accessories for Your iPhone

With iPhone users accounting for around 50% of all the smartphone users in the United States, it’s getting harder to stand out and highlight your individuality in the sea of consumers. As such, accessory manufacturers are getting their game on to create add-ons that can provide a unique look to your powerful yet typical Apple product. Here are five astoundingly amusing novelty accessories for your iPhone that will surely make heads turn.

iPhoneTV Hat

Private, portable, and hands-free, the TV Hat touts itself as the next revolution in video viewing. How does it work? Put the earphones on, insert your iPhone in the transparent device slot provided, put on the hat, and slide down the custom magnification lens to get the big screen, home theater experience you need. Although it looks weird, it’s great to be taken on the road for long commutes, lunch breaks, idle times in an airport, and for beach escapades. It’s even a good exercise companion for those people addicted to workout videos. The hat comes in different basic colors like black, khaki, and red and provides you with hours of fun and relaxing entertainment for just $29.95 (sans shipping and handling).

Weird iPhone Cases

The Japanese are known for churning out the craziest, strangest, and maybe some of the coolest iPhone cases on the face of the planet. Examples are the Dokkiri Beetle Case, which is an accurate rendering of a beetle sitting on a wood plank; the Hand iPhone Case, which lets you hold hands with your iPhone to make sure you won’t drop it; and the realistic iMeshi Japanese Food cover, which transforms your iPhone into your favorite Japanese dishes such as Kani, Unagi, Sushi, and Tonkatsu.

iPhoneRetro Handsets

If you ever miss placing calls using your old-school rotary dial telephone, then a retro smartphone handset is for you. Equipped with enhanced clarity speakers and noise-reduction technology, this accessory is great for iPhone users who often place calls over Wi-Fi or 3G connection using VoiP services like the RingCentral business VoIP app. All you have to do is plug it into your phone’s headset port and then you can start answering phone calls or listen to a gabbing client on the other end of the line right away. Additionally, retro handsets are designed to reduce your exposure to radiation by over 90% so you know it’s good for your health. Units usually come in a variety of bright and bold colors with soft, rubberized texture (for easy grip). Buy one from your favorite online shop and have it shipped to your doorstep for prices starting from $18.89.

Outlandish iPhone Docks

For iPhone users in search of cool ways to hold their devices when not in use, there are creative iPhone stands available for any type of worktop or bedside table. There’s the handmade vintage book dock available onEtsy, Romo, the iPhone robot, which doesn’t just function as a dock but also roams around your desk like a remote controlled car, the Tron Legacy iPhone dock by Monster, and the unbelievable docking station from Parat Solutions that lets you charge and synchronize up to 20 iPhone or iPod units.

iPhone SLR Mount

If you thought you can’t take professional-grade photos on your iPhone, then think again.Photojojo, a large online photo accessory retailer, developed two mounts that you can use to attach Canon or Nikon lenses to your iPhone. The case-adapter combo gives your phone a more powerful depth of field and manual focus abilities, depending on the lenses that you have. Your telephoto, macro, wide angle, fixed, or walkaround lenses will work perfectly with it. Starting price is at $250.

Author’s Bio:- Nancy Perkins is a writer for business and technology. The article presented above was prepared in collaboration with RingCentral.com, a leading provider of cloud business phone systems. 

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