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5 Most Common iPhone Problems and Short Solutions

Who wouldn’t want an iPhone? It has become a fashion statement for many! The age of pen and paper are fast becoming extinct and are being replaced by computers, tablets and smartphones. iPhones have become extremely handy to carry around. However, don’t be under the illusion that you wouldn’t have any problems with iPhone! You will get into problems with the device. Here are a few common problems and solutions you might face with your iPhone:

Battery life:

One of the most common problems many face is the low battery life as iPhone’s battery life is not exactly on the high side. You access the Internet or listen to music and the battery life drops down! You have to carry the charger with you wherever you go which can get really annoying. To avoid your battery from running out, you can try a few tips. First and foremost, turn off the apps (GPS, Wi-Fi, etc) and notifications (you can push them to useless apps till you need them) you don’t use regularly. This helps in conserving some of your iPhone’s battery life.

Flimsy screen:

Are you butter fingered? Then, you have to be extra careful when you buy an iPhone as the screen is flimsy. It might splinter to pieces if you drop it by mistake on hard floor. The screen is superbly responsive, but easily breakable (guess this is a problem with all touch screen phones)! The solution is simple: get a case with screen protector. You don’t have to worry about ugly cases as there are stylish ones with classy designs available in the market. You can choose from various styles: funky, girly, classy, neutral, etc. It makes a good investment and helps in protecting your phone from world’s elements.

New words on dictionary:

Autocorrect jokes are immensely popular around the world! It is extremely funny to read some of the messages. Autocorrect has been a reason for breakups and misunderstandings. It is very embarrassing for the people sending it. Autocorrect is an excellent tool for those who are bad with spelling. However, if you try to use slangs or words not identified by the dictionary (ahem) iPhone often (almost always) corrects them to completely wrong words. The solution is to try and ‘trick’ your iPhone dictionary to learn words you use frequently. Google search the words in safari so your iPhone dictionary is forced to learn these words.

Google maps go inaccurate:

Google maps is a boon to all those who are not good with geography or directions. It helps in showing the right direction and you don’t have to go around trying to find the right way. However, when the destination comes closer the directions are not accurate. To get clear and accurate direction on your iPhone, use the Compass feature (crosshair icon on the bottom left of the screen). It shows a blue dot which will be your current location and a triangle appears next to the dot showing the direction in which your iPhone is facing!

Some terrible paid apps:

One of the biggest problems with iPhone is when you pay for an app and you find put it’s a total waste of money. Many have bought an app and later realize that the app is just not worth the dollars paid (it has happened too many times with me!).  Many paid apps have a ‘lite’ version that allows you to test the app for few days. If you are happy with the app, you can go ahead and buy them without wasting money. If the app doesn’t have ‘lite’ version, browse through the reviews given by users who have already used the app.

These are some of the common problems you face and solutions you can try on iPhone. Apart from this, the biggest problem of all is the next version of iPhone always seems to be better! When you want to buy an iPhone, there is a small wiggly voice in the back of your mind ‘warning’ that you have to wait for the next version which is going to be better than the current version. You keep waiting and Apple keeps releasing better phones! There is no solution to this problem. You just have to buy the latest version available in the market when you have the budget!

Author Bio:- This is a guest post by Lance Goodman of thecornersuite.com, a site that offers savings and current information on dish network internet, as well as dish.com services.

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  • Amandeep Singh

    September 2, 2012, 8:57 pm

    I have been facing the battery issues since I have owned the iPhone 4S but then cos it’s Apple, you tend to get used to it. But I really wish and hope Apple does something about this in the next upgrade!

    Regarding the flimsy screen, I am using the matte finish screen guard from Apple and it feels much better after applying it.. !


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