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5 Mobile Application Testing Trends for 2017

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Mobile app testing is an excellent deciding factor for the business success associated with a mobile app. Nowadays there already written a lot of case studies regarding mobile testing and also created many useful mobile app testing tools.

Being unique isn’t enough for the mobile app to stand out in the industry since consumers generally eliminate apps which have function issues, cross-platform compatibility issues, complex user interface, crashes and bad network performance.

Thus, a perfect mobile app testing tactic may be the perfect way to provide your app with a excellent UX and also be a huge hit. In your  Nevertheless, you have to follow the latest app testing trends to make a strong approach.

Let us discover the Top Mobile App Trends for 2017


  • IoT


In the past few years Internet of Things have grown tremendously in popularity. Advancement of not merely mobile apps, but contemporary web applications also is extremely usually significantly influenced by IoT, because it might help a terrific deal in enhancing daily productivity amounts for several businesses. Testers are going to have to ensure that efficiency and performance of the apps are first class when talking with other connected devices.


  • High Security


Because a number of mobile users store their personal and sensitive info on the mobile devices of theirs, there’s surely a high risk for economic frauds and identity theft. Mobile users can also be prompted by some apps to talk about the sensitive information of theirs. Understanding the information theft risk, Quality Assurance (QA) professionals would love taking a holistic approach in 2017 while doing security and also penetration tests of the mobile apps of theirs, therefore assuring the security of the user’s very sensitive information.


  • Voice Commands


Due to the ease of use, vocice commands have become a popular phenomenon in the mobile industry. Instead of opening mobile apps manually, you can use voice commands instead. Siri and Google Now are excellent examples of just how vocal command functions have helped users to perform certain tasks easily and quickly. Therefore, testers’ focus would definitely be on making certain the functionality of the apps is not hampered while answering voice commands.


  • Mobile Payments


Far more and more internet shoppers are checking out mobile apps to create the purchases of theirs. Because mobile commerce is on the rise, QA professionals will have to make sure that the computer users are in a position to purchase online using their Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit card, or debit card in probably the most secure way. Performance, usability, and protection is the top concern of mobile commerce testers in 2017.


  • Automation Testing


In the upcoming years Automated mobile app testing is going to become more prevalent as lots of businesses look forward to accelerating their mobile app testing, additionally to cash and also not wasting time. Nevertheless, To be able to allow it to happen, businesses will be expected to invest in a number of mobile testing programs and frameworks. For simple application installation plus GUI interaction, testers are able to put into use automatic test scripts. An organization can outsource app testing process to an enterprise holding experience that is excellent in app testing.

Mobile app testing has a huge role to play in choosing the fate of the mobile app of yours. And so, ensure you are taking cognizance of the emerging mobile app testing trends in 2017 to take the mobile app of yours consistent with probably the most sought-after ones.

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