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5 Key Features your Smartphone Should Have

Perhaps you have a friend who says that he can “run the world” using his smartphone, and you don’t know what he means. Maybe you’ve been hearing about iPhones for years now, but you’re not sure what one actually does? If smartphones cause you a bit of anxiety, you are not alone. Many Americans couldn’t actually tell you what a smartphone is.


Smartphones used to be considered a bit of a luxury, but with the rapid rise of prepaid mobile companies they are now more common then ever. This means that there’s a good chance your next phone could be a “smart” one. Skeptical? With the rise of companies like Straight Talk Wireless, consumers can now buy a powerful smartphone for under $150. On top of that, dozens of couponing sites offer amazing added discounts on monthly subscriptions and essential accessories. You can use a Straight Talk Promo Code, for example, to get a Bluetooth headset and free shipping with your phone. The incentives for buying a smartphone are becoming very strong.

What is a Smartphone?

One reason that many people remain confused about smartphones is that the definition is constantly changing. Some believe that a smartphone can be simply defined as the combination of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and phone. For others, only the latest and newest phones deserve such a complimentary label. Frankly, the latter camp will probably win this debate. In today’s saturated market, there are five key features beyond a PDA that any self-respecting smartphone should have.

1. Camera

Even phones that are not “smart” have cameras these days, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this makes the list of “smartphone” essentials. The most important thing to look for here is how many megapixels the camera has. At a minimum, you want at least 2 megapixels to ensure that picture quality is satisfactory.

2. Internet

It’s pretty much unacceptable these days for a smartphone to not have connectivity to the Internet. Your smartphone should be able to perform Google searches and connect to your favorite social media websites.

3. Apps

By far the most popular operating system for today’s smartphones is Android, which comes with access to hundreds of thousands of apps. Your phone should have apps for everything from getting dinner recommendations to providing downloadable games for your entertainment.

4. GPS

It is absolutely commonplace for a smartphone to provide GPS and navigation and you shouldn’t accept anything less. You’re phone should either come with a navigation program, or have an app that is easily downloadable and inexpensive.

5. 3G Speed/Wi-Fi Connectivity

3G networks are extremely common and provide fast speeds for downloads and surfing the web. Wi-Fi connectivity is different, and refers to your smartphone’s ability to connect to high-speed wireless hotspots. Both of these things are essential for any smartphone; without them using your device will be like watching paint dry.

Well there you have it, the five major things to look for when purchasing a new smartphone. The most important thing to remember is that just because a company says that their phone is “smart,” doesn’t make it so. A phone that has a PDA is very common today, and that’s not really enough to put it in the elite status of mobile devices. You should find a phone that has at least these 5 essential features. If you do, then you too may be able to run the world from the palm of your hand.

Auhtor Bio:- Stefan Georgi has been an avid cell phone user and enthusiast for over 10 years. He recommends consumers CheapSally.com promo codes for Staright Talk coupons.

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  • anoop ambalakkandy

    February 8, 2012, 11:23 pm

    a smartphone is smart only if following is satisfied

    1. a decent camera with a minimum of 5 MP with LED flash
    2. a secondary camera (front camera)
    3. 4inch screen minimum
    4. adobe flash support
    5. resolution (800×400)
    6. battery standby time of a minimum 400 hours
    7. 1.4 Ghz processer (dual core if possible)
    8. 1 GB RAM (atleast 512 MB)
    9. a minimum of 1 GB internal memory
    10. slim phone with parellel design (black color)
    11. HD recording
    12. good inbuilt speakers
    13. Android (Gingerbread) altleast upgradable to ICS
    14, video calling support for gtalk and skype.

    • anoop ambalakkandy

      February 8, 2012, 11:27 pm

      note that above requirements are additionals over the basic features like wi-fi,usb,bluetooth,full touch ,superclear display etc to make the smart phone smarter.


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