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5 Interesting Ways To Improve Your Writing And Grow Your Blog

You can improve your writing without going through all the bits and pieces of information overload online. The internet is a free resourceful place where massive contents are dumped. It used to be exceptionally difficult to write quality articles and blog posts back in the ‘90s, and those with the right skills controlled the web.

Today, it’s a different ball game – even a total dummy can write amazing contents when he/she is properly guided. What you need to start writing like a professional is not a college degree or good grades; you need “guts” most of the time.
I’ve been a freelance writer since 4 years ago. It’s been a journey of success and occasional failure. Yes, there are times I feel like giving up but I was saved by this same virtue “guts.”

If you’ve been worried about your writing and want to improve it, below are 5 interesting ways to do it.

1. Read Extensively

There is nothing like writers block anywhere. It’s what you’ve upstairs in your head that you pour out on paper. Every successful writer I know reads like a maniac. You can be ten steps ahead of your competitor and other writers when you’ve much insight on the same topic they are sharing.

Personally, I’ve discovered that writing is a lot fun when you’re widely read. It doesn’t matter if the book you’re reading talks about your niche, what matters is the knowledge and insight you gain from going through it. Ideas have a way of reshuffling and dropping into your mind like an egg, each time you sit down to write.

2. Get Inspiration From Nature

What I’m sharing in this article is the exact strategy I’ve used over the years to improve my writing. If you’re very observant, you would discover that nature has a lot of thumbs, fibers and juices to help your business grow. Nature may not throw money at you, but it would definitely enhance your self-worth.

Man is a natural being. The best way to connect to the source of infinite intelligence is to carefully study the works of nature. It’s more like an art masterpiece. To illustrate this, if you’re looking for fresh ideas, taking a walk to a nearby beach could be of help.

3. Write As You Talk

To become better at what you do; writing, you need to understand the nexus between speaking and writing. Both are actually the same, they have similar approach but the channel of delivery is the difference. Even for a written piece, you still have to read it aloud for others to enjoy.

So, when you write your contents; articles, blog posts and the likes, make sure you write as if you’re talking to someone. Don’t see the person you’re talking to far away, instead visualize the recipient standing and grinning from left to right.
When you write this way, you ultimately speak to the hearts of your readers. They would deduce you understand their deepest problems and needs. Isn’t that your goal?

4. Write In “Bursts”

What does it mean to write in “bursts?”
It means you discipline yourself to write for a certain period of time, before stretching your body or doing any other thing. Speed is very crucial to your success as a writer. If you don’t write as fast and get your contents distributed across the web, you aren’t going to drive free targeted traffic or even make a significant income.

You need speed to succeed.

Writing in burst can help remedy slow writing habit. For instance, you can set your time to beep every 20 minutes. Until you hear the beep, don’t stop writing. By the time you realize what is happening, you already have a decent quality article for online syndication.

Also, the brain has the capacity to process ideas faster. If you slow the brain down, it would start working against you. That’s why people complain of blockage – no ideas to write about. Use your brain to the fullest capacity by writing faster. It’s a remarkable way to become better, faster and determined.

5. Write Now, Proofread Later

I see a lot of writers who proofread as they write. Well, there is no rule in writing but you’ve to track your success. The moment you start proofreading even when your article is still flowing, you automatically obstruct the flow of idea.
It’s always better to write at a go, and then proofread later. This way, you could write faster, pour out your hot ideas on paper or directly on your PC and then make your corrections later.

Note: proofreading should be done when you’re free, happy and focused.

And certainly, it’s not when you are writing. You need to clearly pinpoint errors and eliminate typographical errors.
Apply and Profit

These strategies can be applied to any niche and the results would still be visible. I’ve several niche blogs and the recent where I feature sittercity coupon and 6pm discount codes, has a lot of great articles.

I use these strategies to write my contents, in an easier and faster pace and with maximum impact on my readers.

Author Bio:- Mike Chimik is a Freelance writer and SEO blogger. Have a look at his article on Sittercity and his review post on Care.com, two sites that help you find qualified babysitters and nannies near you. He also enjoys writing on topics that include coupon deals and online discounts such as sittercity promotion code and Care.com coupons. Find all kinds of reviews in his blog, from childcare to Health and Wellness.

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