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5 Ideas to Get Free or Cheaper Internet Security Software

Do you believe when I say that sometimes free antivirus no longer enough to protect our computer? Do you believe if I say to you that what we need now is an Internet Security? Well, let me tell you why I think like that. And let me tell you that there are several ways for us to get cheaper and even free Internet security software. I’m not talking about unknown Internet security software. I’m talking about reputable Internet security software. These ways are 100 % legal, so they won’t cause you any harm. So, bear with me for several minutes and we will get there.

Like we know, before all computers are get connected to the Internet, one common way that is used to spread virus is using portable storage device such as USB flash drive. The spread only could reach local area, thus enabled us to handle it.

But now, with the Internet, there are various new dangerous threats to our computers. It’s not only just computer virus. We can mention some new threats such as ad-ware, Trojan, worm, etc. And those threats also have new ways to infect our computers. They are not only spread via ‘forbidden websites,’ they are even spread via social network sites.

That’s why I told you earlier that you need more than free antivirus software. Most free antivirus software don’t offer features to prevent online threats. They usually only offer basic features to handle computer viruses. While what we need today is more than basic features.

I know that it’s our nature to find a way to buy things cheaper. Or if it possible, to get things for free. That’s why people like discount, hot sales, computer expo or coupons. And so do I. I’m always trying to get paid software for free or in cheaper price. And here what I usually do to get some free or cheaper Internet security software:

1. Looking For Free Promotional License key

Some reputable computer security companies always give free license keys to people every time they launch new version of their Internet security software. I guess this method is something common for people who have online business. With this method, the antivirus companies can get new potential customers. I usually look for this promo. I was using Avira and the way I could enjoy the extra features on its Internet security without spent money was because I got free license key.

You can find various websites that share info about how to get free promotional license key. But, you should make sure that the license key comes from the companies and legal.

2. Join in Giveaway Contests or Sweepstakes

This is what I think as a new method. Since social network sites such as Facebook become  popular, companies, website owners and business people create their Facebook Fan pages. They promote their products via Facebook and try their best to get more followers. You can find various computer websites and antivirus companies offer giveaway contests and sweepstakes both on their official websites and on their Facebook pages.

Bnsofts.com is one of the blog which shares monthly giveaways to give free kaspersky key for 1 year to its users. Every month a new giveaway is posted and 3 lucky winners are selected to give the license keys. Try it.

Did you know? I just won one Internet security license code for 18 months from a sweepstakes that the company held on its Facebook page. I also won a license code for a paid software because I joined a sweepstakes from a famous technology software.

 3.Take an Advantage on Free Trial

This way sounds weird for some people. But, this way could work. Most antivirus companies offer free trial for their Internet security software for a month. After that, to keep their customers, they offer special discount. And the discount could even reaches 70-80 percent. I know because I get this kind of offers. Of course, we should check whether or not we should pay in regular price after the promotional time is offer. But, I think it’s worthy to try.

4. Looking For Discounts on Amazon or eBay

Online stores such as Amazon and eBay regularly offer special discount for various products. If you have the patience, you can explore their websites and look for this special discounts. The discounts come with various forms such as buy one get other paid software, buy one get one, or rebates.

5. Buy internet Security Software in Certain Events

In certain events such as new year, Christmas, Halloween, or summer  there are huge discounts for customers. So, buy Internet security software or any other products in that special occasion can make us save a lot of money.

Author Bio:- Timothy is a blogger. You can read his blog Freeware Catalogue.  Every week, Freeware Catalogue shares free giveaway for its readers.

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