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5 Household Items that You Can Use to Clean Your Cell Phone

With today’s advancements in technology, almost everybody owns a mobile phone. It is no secret that this is one of the most used items today. You use it to send messages, make calls, jot down notes, and even surf the web. That’s why your phone is also among the dirtiest things you own. Too much dirt, especially inside, can eventually cause your phone to malfunction.

There’s no need to worry, though, as it is actually very easy to clean your phone. You can either send it to the phone repair shop or do the cleaning yourself. The items needed are easily accessible and are not that costly. So if you think that your phone needs some cleaning, here are five things in your house that you can use to get it done:

Soft and clean cloth

We hate seeing scratches on our phones; it’s almost painful to see them. So when cleaning your phone’s exteriors, especially the screen, make sure to use a soft piece of cloth for wiping. There are microfiber cloths available that do the job perfectly, but any soft cloth that won’t scratch your screen will do.

Cleaning solution

There are water-based solutions especially made for cleaning gadgets. You can make one yourself or buy a bottle in mobile phone stores. They are stored in spray bottles for easy dispensing, and are sometimes scented to leave a clean smell once you’re done. When using the cleaning solution do not spray it directly onto your unit. Instead, spray it onto the cloth and make sure it is damp (not wet) before wiping away.

Cotton swabs

These work miracles when cleaning phones. Ever wonder how you can clean out those spaces between the keypads? Well, just spray a bit of cleaning solution onto a cotton swab and gently wipe off those dirt.


A piece of straw can be your own personal compressed air source. When dust begin to accumulate in the spaces between the keypads, simply take the straw and blow them away.


For dirt that have hardened due to moisture, or those that are pretty hard to remove, a toothpick can be a good tool to scratch them off. Just remember to be very careful so as to avoid damaging your phone. Also, avoid using toothpicks that are too sharp, as they could cause scratches. Just gently and carefully scrape off the deposited dirt to free them from where they are, then blow or wipe them off.

These are simple things that can help you clean your phone without costing your money. Taking care of your phone by simple cleaning can help it last to serve you better and longer.

Author Bio:- Salem Carlsen writes for Repairlabs.com, which offers laptop and phone repair services.

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