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5 Groundbreaking Mobile Apps, Uses and Websites

It’s about time to start thinking outside the box, especially if the box is the one that houses the motherboard, video card and power supply that’s the heart of the venerable desktop computer.

Let’s go on the road and take a look at five of the most groundbreaking mobile apps, mobile websites and uses for mobile devices in the business world.

Whether you’re a road warrior on your company’s marketing team or you run a local retail business, there’s an innovative use of mobile computing power that you’ll find useful or inspiring.

1. Show me the money

True story. There’s a great gourmet grilled cheese food truck in town and an acquaintance of mine was watching their schedule on Facebook so he could grab a bite when they were in the neighborhood. Then he found out that they didn’t accept credit cards. My acquaintance had to hustle to an ATM to get his grilled cheese.

Fortunately, within two weeks the truck’s Facebook page announced, “We Now Accept Credit Cards!”

Thank you iTerminal. This software is an absolute must for anyone who sells away from the usual places. It also gives you the mobility to work a crowd or line of customers to process orders and payments more quickly and speed up sales.

2.  Evernote

Databases, at all levels of business and even everyday life, are becoming increasingly important. With Evernote you can organize your professional and personal life in any number of ways. The app organizes your notes, audio clips, photos and even screenshots. Best of all, it’s free.

The app synchronizes with your computer, either a PC or a Mac. You know those moments when you run across something you “for sure don’t want to forget”? With Evernote, you can capture them in a variety of ways and easily recall them later.

Finally you can data mine your life!

3.  PETCO mobile website

While some of us have been waiting for the mobile revolution to mature, others have been out there on the front lines. PETCO is a notable example of early success.

The company leveraged online ads to drive mobile traffic to a landing page where customers received a smart phone coupon that offered $10 off a $50 in-store purchase. The key phrase here is “in-store.”

At the same time the company was promoting an identical coupon for straight online purchases from the PETCO website. The mobile website in-store coupon redemptions outnumbered online redemptions by 5 to 1.


4.  iClipboard

Small businesses are finding innovative ways to use devices like Apple’s iPad and they can make a great impression on customers. Flannery Foster, who co-owns a yoga studio in Brooklyn, is using an iPad to gather new customer data.

Instead of handing folks a clipboard full of forms that have been photocopied seven times too many and a pen that’s just about ready to run out of ink, he gives them an iPad and sends them over to a comfortable couch where they can cozy down and input their personal information.

Customers love it. The process goes faster and the information can be swiftly and easily imported into a database—no keypunch errors. It’s a win, win, win situation.

5.  Insight

This app was formerly called Encamp. It’s the mobile connection to Basecamp project management software. The beauty of smart phones is that they free us from the office environment and allow us to spend more time in the places where we’re the most productive.

With Insight you can always stay connected with your projects and tasks. You don’t need to synch; clients receive your comments and coworkers get the tasks that have been delegated to them. Milestones, time tracking, contacts, messages and more are in you pocket.

Author Bio:- Chris Turberville-Tully is a marketing strategist for Conference Genie UK, an resource for businesses and individuals. Conference Genie’s services include call and operator services, conference calls and video conferencing.

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