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5 Great Tools for Publishing Documents Online

While there are many online tools out there that allow you to send, share, view or collaborate on your documents – no matter what format they are – there are not many really good sites for publishing them. When I say publishing, I’m talking about people who want their documents to be shared around the world – accessed and viewed by hundreds or thousands of people.

Naturally, most of these sites and tools for publishing documents work mainly with PDFs, which is no surprise, considering that it is the most universal file format hands down. Here are five excellent online tools that you can use if you are interested in publishing your documents online and getting them out to the world.


This is an already big but still rapidly growing online community that allows anyone to register and share their documents for free through the website. The site not only offers you free storage, but it also publishes your documents and makes them available for a huge number of people who visit the site every day. If you are publishing documents that are geared towards small business and entrepreneurism, this is one of the best places to publish.


Without a doubt, Issuu is the snazziest and best-designed site for publishing PDFs that you will encounter. It is also a community in which everyone is sharing PDF documents, which can be browsed by anyone who is a member.  You can do a search for content you are interested in, or you can browse the published documents by popularity. Another sleek thing about the design of the site is that it displays PDFs like magazines, two pages at a time. If you are looking for a well-designed and modern site with a great interface, then you should be using Issuu to publish your documents.


TxtBear’s main site is primarily for a German-speaking market, but it also has this section of the site that allows for simple and fast publishing of documents. Anyone can publish a document using TxtBear’s quick and fast interface, and it will be shared with many. There are also some great tools available for users in order to help them find what they are looking for when browsing the TxtBear data base, but also to help people place their published documents appropriately for the right people to see.


This might just be the biggest and most popular PDF publishing site right now. It is pretty similar to Issuu as far as its intent, but it is much more practical and easy to use. While Issuu spends a lot of time on the presentation, Scribd is all about functionality, and that’s why so many people prefer it. If you are using it to publish your own documents, it is a very large and diverse community. It is also one of the best sites for reading PDF e-books online, thanks to its unique scrolling system that is very easy on the eyes when you are trying to read something on your computer screen for long periods of time.


Of course the people of Adobe have a great interface for publishing and sharing PDF documents as well. With a free registration, you get your own workspace where you can upload and import new documents and also create PDFs out of other file types. This is a great service if you are publishing your documents online in an effort to collaborative on a project or trade ideas with colleagues online.

And there you have it – these are several of the best online tools if you are looking to publish your documents online and get them seen and read by a large community of users in order to gain exposure for your work.

Author Bio:- David Lazar is a blogger and regular contributor at Cometdoc’s PDF to Word conversion site.

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