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5 Fun Sites That Use HTML5

HTML5 is a powerful tool for so many different reasons and can turn an average site into an amazing one.  With a steady uptake, it’s gradually becoming the default for more interactive and usable sites that get people hooked.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the best fun uses of HTML5 on the web that also have other purposes beyond just simply delighting the user.

1# Fix My Street


We’ll start with a topic that’s not usually so fun.

FixMyStreet uses HTML5 to turn a somewhat tedious subject into something useful and rewarding.

It allows you to submit a notification which is then transferred to the local council on your behalf, about any issues in your street or a street nearby such as littering, broken street-lights and potholes.

As well as this, the site, run by the non-profit mySociety, allows you to see any issues reported by others and comment and discuss. A simple HTML5 layout but one that has various dynamic features to make mundane things a bit more interesting!

2# Fritzo Keys


A continuous key board/voice sound plays in the background and you are able to choose various notes to make sweet music!

Intended as an experiment to test the audio capabilities of HTML5, Fritzokeys is one of those pointless but beautifully crafted web-apps you can’t stop playing with.

Complex and yet simple, it makes for great procrastination.

3# Thisshell


Thisshell is a promotional site for the band The Gamits that rewards you with a free download of their song upon completion of the puzzle on screen in a set time.

Great example of the gamification and marketing potential of HTML5, uses of the language that will only grow over time as they are seen to be more and more effective.

4# Adventure World


The website of the theme park in Perth Australia manages to convert the real life excitement and thrill of it’s attractions into a virtual playground.

The whole site is effectively an interactive map of the theme park, with colourful, cartoonish representations of rides and intriguingly explorable nooks.

Another site that really pushed the boat out for brilliant marketing effect – a treat for kids and adults!

5# Two Minute Test


This site has various interactive tests, under the guise of seeing whether you could make it as a teacher. In reality, it’s an excuse to show off some expert use of HTML5 to create touchable, movable and fun quizzes on simple subjects. The potential for such sites as educational tools is huge, but beyond that, it’s just great fun.

I hope you enjoy playing with these sites and wasting time with purpose! If you have any other suggestions of fun uses of HTML5, let me know in the comments as I’m always interested in testing them out.

Author Bio:- Aaron Charlie writes for Silicon Beach Training on everything from Tech to SEO. Silicon Beach Training run 1 day HTML5 Workshops in Brighton, UK along with other web developer courses.

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