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5 Free Email Marketing Tools

If you want free email marketing tools then you are going to have to jump onto the WordPress bandwagon. This is not because WordPress is the bee’s knees; it is because they offer free plugins for email marketing tools.

Email accounts are free (I hear you cry), yes this is true but there are very few (if any) that allow you to send mass emails on a repeat basis. Many of them will charge you money to be able to do that. You will simply get yourself banned if you keep trying to send mass emails.

Can’t I just keep setting up new email accounts? Yes you can on a temporary basis, but eventually your IP address, name and location will be red flagged. This will make it hard for you to open any sort of online account, not just email accounts.

WordPress and its plugins are the way to go if you want free email marketing tools. However you need to make sure to follow the basic email marketing tips to get the most out of it.

1# ALO EasyMail Newsletter

This plug-in is gaining credibility and followers within the online community. It is especially popular with the dyslexic customers of AOL. The real reason why this plug-in is gaining popularity is because it can manage just about every step of your email marketing campaign.

If you use this tool to its full capacity, you will find it leaves very little need for external software. On the downside it means that the plug-in is more complex and more restrictive, but the people who are used to using it are having some great success. They also have the subscription widget and a very good theme manager.

2# WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plug-in

This plug-in pretty much describes itself via its name (which is a welcome change to plugins that consist of one word). This plug-in will create a customized subscription form for people to subscribe to your email. It means that you can sell the idea of your newsletter on the same page that people are expected to sign up for it.

You can collect more information about your subscribers instead of just getting their email. You can also choose whether the information is mandatory or not. It has numerous other features but this plug-in sells itself on the fact that it is free. There are companies that sell a service similar to this and ask money in return. You can scrap that software and use this instead.

3# Newsletter

This plug-in gives you a massive range of different options. It is very popular software when it comes to email marketing. Lots of people use it and yet it still remains free-er than rainwater during winter.

They give you a subscription widget so that people can opt into your newsletter, and then give you a whole bunch of tools you can use to craft your newsletter campaign. It has a massive list of settings and ways to appeal to your subscribers. You can even track your marketing efforts with their statistics tools.

4# Email newsletter

This is probably the most simple and easy to use plug-in on this list. It is a basic tool for sending mass emails. You can HTML edit your emails, so you have a lot more flexibility. The tool is basic but unrestrictive. This means that you can build rather sophisticated emails on the back of the HTML platform.

It also has other basic email tools such as a contact form and feedback subscription tool. Its simplicity also seems to have made it very reliable. It is good for both starters, and for advanced users who want the freedom and flexibility it offers.

5# Newsletter Plug-in

As with most of the plugins on this article, this may be confused with the other plugins (especially number 3), but it is a different plug in that comes from different creators. This plug-in gives you a database to store your email subscription list, and a database to store your marketing emails onto.

They have fifteen fields with which you may customize your newsletters. It uses thing such as tick boxes and those round radio buttons too. The difference with this tool is that it is compatible with other outside/external newsletter software. You can synchronies your list the list you have with software (instead of doing it manually).

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  • Aditi

    December 15, 2012, 3:07 pm

    Hi Bilal,
    Email Marketing has become the best form of marketing these days where a large mass of people can be reached through emails and also at a much lesser cost. I like the tips that you have suggested specially the newsletter and email newsletter. Thanks for the share!!


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