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5 Features of the Upcoming Windows 8

Microsoft, the largest software company in the world will launch Windows 8, which promises to revolutionize the way we interact with the computer. Here are the 5 most important features of this OS, and the reasons why Microsoft claims that this will be the next trend in the world of computers and internet.

1. Solid bases

  • Based on the successful Windows 7
  • Touch experience
  • Consumer Preview

The first beta versions of Windows 8 were presented a few months ago, and the system is reinvented on the solid base of Windows 7. It is a tactile new interface, a Windows that has been fully adapted to new devices and programs.

The Developer Preview feature allows the user to benefit of the touch experience, and all the performances of the computer in terms of quality and stability will be improved.

2. Resources and performances

  • Huge popularity
  • Less resources consuming
  • Compatibility with older computers

Windows 7 was a revolutionary system, but one of the major disadvantages of the system was the huge number of resources consumed. Practically, the majority of people that bought W7 had to buy a new computer also. W8 solves this problem, and it is rumored that it will be compatible even with the older computers that were not even compatible with the W7.

3. Easy internet navigation

  • Touch interface for the internet
  • Metro interface for tablets
  • IE 10

Windows 8 will have a Touch interface that will offer the possibility for the users to browse the internet only with gestures. The users will have the classical desktop interface, but also the new Metro interface that is made especially for tablets and smartphones. Along with W8, Internet Explorer 10 will be launched to offer a new navigating experience.

4. Improved interface

  • Charms Bar
  • Application Store
  • Social network integration

Charms bar replaces the traditional Start button, offering rapid access to Search, Sharing and Settings. Windows 8 will also have an Application Store. From this point of view, W8 is way behind its competitors Apple and Google, therefore the W8 is an important step in the life of this company.

Windows made considerable efforts to integrate the social networks in the new OS, and the users can post photos and videos from the computer directly on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Better navigating experience

Windows 8 Release Preview showed a plus of elegance and refinement of the system, improving the general image of Microsoft, and creating a solid connection with Consumer Preview.

For tablets, Metro represents a serious competitor for Android and other mobile operating systems. Metro is more consistent and it was reorganized for better usage. An important addition for people that still don’t own a computer with touch capabilities is the extended support for gesture commands that can be sent with the help of the trackpad.

Overall, Windows 8 promises many improvements, and the signs are good. It remains to be seen if the price of this system will be as attractive as the features are.

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