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5 Excellent Tips That Will Protect You From Phishing Scams

Identity theft and the phishing scams have become extremely common these days. The hackers send you an array of emails like the ones creating a sense of urgency or the emails presenting some highly lucrative offers which are too good to resist, and by either pleasing you or intimidating you, they steal your information.

Phishing Scam Danger Sign


While phishing scams don’t directly steal your information by hacking your computers, but they make you provide the required information yourself. This is why, the best way to control the phishing scams and identity thefts is by staying vigilant and following the common cyber security tips.

Here are the top 5 cyber security tips to protect you from the phishing scams.

  1. Avoid Clicking The Strange Links Given in Emails

If you don’t know the sender of the email or have received an email with a generic greeting, then there are very high chances that it is a phishing email. Another common identification factor of the phishing emails is that there are strange links in the email which don’t contain the name of the website in the URL.

To protect yourself from the phishing scams, don’t click any such link given in an email.

  1. Use High quality Internet Security Software

There is an internet security software which enables safe browsing on your computer. These software prevent you from opening any website or email which they believe is suspicious or dubious.

These software also have inbuilt virus and malware detecting solutions, so these not only quarantine the bad viruses while deleting them altogether.

  1. Never Reveal Your Personal Information

You may receive different types of emails asking you for personal information like your name, bank account details, your address, contact numbers, registered number, credit card details, etc. Never entertain any such emails, no matter how much urgency they create or how good offer they present. You cannot randomly win a million dollar lottery. So, don’t trust emails from unknown senders.

Credit Card Phishing


  1. Don’t Get Scared By The Phishing Scammers

The people who create the phishing scams use a variety of tactics to gain your attention and more often, they try to scare you by telling you that your bank account may get closed, or you will lose money in your account or your credit card may be closed. After scaring the victims, these scammers try to the personal and accounts related information from people.

So, if you get any call or email asking for any such information, don’t provide any information and call up your bank or company on whose behalf the scammers are calling you to confirm if they actually need the details.

  1. Don’t Browse Untrustable Websites

There are many dubious websites which can infect your computer systems with malware or viruses, track your activities or even steal your personal data stored on the computer. Moreover, sometimes these websites prompt you to download certain files which can be quite dangerous.

So, don’t browse the websites you don’t trust and never download any files from such websites. There are many security awareness training for employees in the offices and training programs available for other people as well. If possible, participate in one such programs and learn about the tactics commonly used by phishers to trick the people so that you can protect yourself from getting hacked or scammed.

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