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5 Effective Tips for Internet Security

In this advanced technology based era, Internet is the most valuable source of communication and information provider. Through internet one can communicate (both text and voice) with anyone at any place of the world where internet is available. Similarly, if anyone needs any information regarding any field then the first thing that comes in the mind is Internet. Millions of people are using internet daily and most of the businesses are completely dependent on internet. Even now-a-days education is also provided by using internet. So, internet has become the integral part of our life. Behind the importance of internet, somewhere some of the web users might be unaware from the risks associated with the internet and they can get entangled in the traps of the scam artists or scammers who are prowling the cyberspace.

To protect you from these scammers, following are the five best Internet Security tips:

1# Install Best Anti-Virus Software

The first and foremost step of internet security is to install updated and best anti-virus software. This anti-virus software will protect your system from internet viruses and other potential threats coming from the internet. Anti-virus software will also keep your system away from malicious people who want to access your system through the viruses. There are lots of low cost anti-virus softwares available in the market. Moreover, some anti-virus softwares are also available on the internet absolutely free of cost.

2# Choose the Passwords Wisely

Second biggest step is to apply the password protection for your computer. Always choose the password wisely. While selecting password, use numbers, letters, special characters, lower case alphabets and upper-case alphabets to make your password strong and unpredictable. Generally people select names or dates of their loved ones as passwords, which are very wrong as anyone can predict those passwords. These are considered as week passwords. Moreover, never share your password with anyone. To keep your security tight, you can change your passwords occasionally.

3# Avoid Clicks on suspicious links and Attachments

Internet scammers often send bulk emails to various web users. In these emails, they often pose as an online auction sites, financial institutions or online retailers to get a chance to convince you to fill the form of your personal details. Beware and don’t ever send your details to any unknown or suspicious person which might be dangerous for you.

4# Cautiously Use Public Computers

Many web users often use public computers at various places like libraries, cybercafé etc. Whenever you do login to such computers, always make sure that you have properly log out your accounts before you leave the computer. Sometimes it happened that someone sitting next to you can get your information details from that computer after your leaving from that place, which might be dangerous for you. So be attentive at such places.

5# Never Send Money to Unknown Resources

If you receive any email from any unknown source and asking you for money, just flag it as spam. These scams are highly happened these days. Online fraudsters will mail you and tell you that there was an online lottery or something like that, and you are the winner, and to claim that winning prize you have to send us a particular amount of money which will be an investment. Don’t get entangled into their traps. They are impostors who are deceiving you. Just ignore those mails and be in safe side.

Author Bio:Zoberta Smith is an Entrepreneur who designs and develops solutions for a business. She also writes as a freelancer for a number of online communities and is writing this post for http://www.tustinautocenter.com

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