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5 Cloud Android Apps for Business

In the modern business surrounding where it is essential to have particular documents always with you – whether you’re on a meeting, in a plane or at home – a small but functional app might be all you need to maintain your work efficacy. The smartphones and tablets are excellent business solutions as they are light and functional. However, these devices do not always have enough space for storing all these apps.

This is why more and more smartphone applications rely on cloud. The cloud is particularly handy solution as it offers easy distant collaboration, lots of storage and seamless stream of applications.

Here are some of the android apps that are a must for efficient business.

Google Docs

Offer you a practical solution for keeping your office files updated. Excellent for collaboration! You can share your files with your co-workers and let them view or edit text, spreadsheets or slideshows. You can upload any documents to your Google Docs account and access them anytime from any device. With Google Docs you can open seven different formats including Word and PDF.


A cloud storage service that allows you to save any files to your Dropbox folder, including images, photos, videos… You can even upload photos directly to the folder the moment you take them. This saves the space on your device as the data is stored on a remote server. It is free up to 2GB, but you can get more space by Dropbox referral program or by upgrading to paid accounts.


Enable you to “take notes” and store virtually all kinds of data, including web clippings, videos and images. You can even take ink notes with a fine-point drawing device which might come particularly handy on meetings where you just don’t feel comfortable typing.One of the major advantages of Evernote is the option to sync particular files. However, with free account you are given only a 60 MB of space so don’t count on storing many video or sound recordings in Evernote.

Quickoffice Pro

A file manager that allows you to open and edit your Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, as well as to annotate and mark up PDF files. It is integrated with Google Doc, Evernote, Dropbox, Egnyte, Catch, Huddle, MobileMe, Box, and SugarSync, so you can edit your documents both online and offline. Because of its excellent integration with cloud services and Office documents it is possible to manage files without having to switch to different apps.

Skype for Android

Skype android app lets you communicate freely with the rest of the world. You can chat or make video or audio calls. Populate your contacts list by searching for people by name or email address, add them and make free calls. This allows you to stay in touch with anyone no matter how far he or she is. If it’s urgent you can even make a call in a train or a metro.

Author Bio:- Sarah is a blogger and an IT researcher. Currently she’s writing for a new blog on cloud computing together with her friend Neebo.

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