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5 Caller ID Apps that Work Great on Androids

Top Five List of the Best Caller ID Apps

1# White Pages Caller Id


This app identifies incoming callers for mobile phones while the call is coming in. It does have room to improve on its database for landlines, but otherwise its phone number identification systems is pretty vast. It also allows you to block those pesky callers from ever reaching you again!

Besides its Caller Id feature you can easily save identified callers to your contacts with a location of where they are on Google Maps. This sets you up to be able to get optional directions which is a great feature for me as a small business owner.

In addition, this App performs a reverse lookup. This feature is great for searching people and business if you have access to their phone number.

2# Call Informer


This caller Id is great for business professionals receive lots of incoming calls making it hard to keep track of who is who. The caller Id identifies the company a caller is calling from along with the name, city, state and country.

You can give Call Informer a test drive with the App’s free demo version that is available to all Android users. With this demo you can try out some of the features to see if this is an App you want to add to your mobile.

3# Caller Identification App


You can’t beat the price of this app, but the quality is pretty high too. It is a very popular App among Android users, frequently winning awards.

This App somewhat effectively identifies incoming callers inclusive of international directory databases. The search will show the name after the call is missed, so you will not know who the caller is until you don’t pick up the phone.

This phone service all offers a reverse number search so you can look up the name of an unknown caller. It also will send callers straight to voicemail if you have put that number in the App as one that you don’t want to be bothered with anymore.

4# WhoAreYou App


This app makes available information about incoming calls including name, a picture and location. It works about 85% of the time with unknown callers in my test run, but sometimes there are inconclusive results.

One of the main cons of this program is that you must have a 3G connection to use some of the feature. The two features that don’t work without a 3G connection are caller lookup and blocking numbers.

They also have a free reverse phone lookup app add-on that works fairly well. Frequently other Apps may charge for reverse phone lookup services, but Who Are You gives it as a freebie.

5# Privacy Star


This App allows you to be proactive against telemarketers. If a telemarketer gets through its filtering system it has a tool for you to report the number that may eventually land itself on the Do Not Call List. If you get angry about frequent telemarketing calls this may be the App just for you!

Besides the reporting service it offers caller id, reverse phone lookup, blocks calls and text. It works very effectively.

There is a catch though. After you initial free services the App will ask to charge you a $2.99 monthly fee.

Author Bio:- Mateusz is the founder of RetroSleuth.com, a website where you can perform a reverse phone lookup. RetroSleuth.com provides comprehensive background information on most of US phone numbers.

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