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5 Best Tips For Excellent Site Maintenance

As all of us know that almost each and every business in the present time has their website. It is a result of the increasing usage of the internet service all over the world. We nowadays, entirely depend upon the World Wide Web for any and everything. Hence, to cope up with the situation, the amount of online businesses has increased as well. Now, just developing a website does not serve the purpose. The website once developed needs to be updated and maintained from time to time as well. So, let us check in what best possible ways, a website can be maintained well rather than just keeping it live, without getting any business in return:


The first and the foremost thing, which is required to be done is to ensure that the back-up of the different website files have been taken frequently. It is always better to keep a copy of at least the important files so that in case of data loss, one does not land up in trouble. It is because it might happen that the crashing of web server requires a month of time to be fixed up. In that circumstance, if one keeps the back-up, he or she would be able to easily restore the site with the latest content.

Downloading prior to updating

It is advisable to download the web page to be revised from the live website to the local computer before actually revising it. This helps one ensure that he or she has got the most recent version of the required page. However, one need not forget to review the revised or the new files. After that, one can make any and every required change as well as upload it back to the web server.

Link checking

In case a website is featured with outbound links (as most of the websites are), such links need to be checked on a regular basis if the URL on the aimed website has experienced any change. For doing so, one can definitely use a link checker but keeping in mind that no such checker gives perfect status.

Maintain the style of the website

While updating any web page, one of the most important things, which needs to be done is to ensure that the look of the site in concern is well-maintained. Most of the modern websites are attributed with diverse font as well as layout styles, which remains defined in a file named “stylesheet”. Thus, it is quite crucial for one involved in site maintenance to learn how Cascading Style Sheets or CSS work and how it is to be used.

Maintaining file names

In case of the replacement of an existing PDF file with a new one, it is suggestible to keep the name of the file same. This helps in the non-revision of the links to that file. Even the different search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. would not be required to update the indexes as well as the error like “page not found” would be avoided.

Summary: The article provides some of the best tips, which if followed properly, are bound to help one in excellent site maintenance.         

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