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5 Best Scam Free Ways To Make Money Online

Today internet has literally become a market place where most of the things that people thought were restricted to the live world are being done over the internet. Today in this techno driven world, people are experimenting with all the things that are possible on this earth to do over the internet. Thus we have a situation where we can even earn a good amount from working over the internet. For few freelancers who cannot afford to go out to work or many who doesn’t wish to go out to work due to unlikeness towards mundane time-bound work schedule, it is a very handy tool that allows to be one’s own boss. Today there are customers looking for services over the internet, from asking to do a survey to do homework or assignments to do marketing jobs for them, internet has spread its wings to a large extent, engulfing all major activities and even extending them beyond. Below are the few ways wherein one may earn a handsome amount by doing work at their leisure hour and at their own pace.

1# Selling Stock Photos

What more an easy way to earn money other than uploading your pictures. Well iStockPhoto is just here for that. One can earn money by just uploading photographs or rather a whole album of one’s collection. One must just be decisional so as to what type of pictures are up for sale and one can always earn a good clients to buy their pictures. And just to have a perfect kick-up start one should choose at least three best photographs that they have as it would be asked for at the time of signing up.

2# Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

This is probably by far the easiest of the job and anyone and everyone can do it. The reason being there isn’t any specific requirement of a special quality to complete the jobs. The basic work here is to complete up a job of filling up a form as per requirement that represents a survey. Thus it is not a very heavily paid service but still enough for one to earn a respectable amount of money which can fetch you a healthy snack over the weekend. The timing of the jobs here varies from few hours to even less than a minute.

3# Write an eBook targeted to people who need help

Sharing information is one of the best things that one can share with anybody. It is said that if you have an apple and I have one and we both share then we have one apple each. However if you have an idea and I have an idea and we share them then we both have two ideas each. Thus there are many occasions wherein people need information on various topics that extends from financial to legal to health. Thus we can always provide them these information in details with the help of a book, no matter how small it may be, and earn a good amount in return.

4# Interview other people and sell the interviews

One can always have a pleasure of interviewing people and then sharing it with others who might gain useful information from the excerpt of that interview as that might contain solutions to the problems that people have commonly. More organized way is to have interviews of many experts in that field and then selling them as package together.

5# Enter logo and design contests

There are many enterprises that wish to have a pool of designs and logos to associate themselves with. Thus one can always participate in such fray. However one only gets paid up if one’s logo or design is selected.

Author Bio:- This article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar on behalf of http://www.linkbuilding-profi.de/

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  • ajay kumar

    October 21, 2012, 10:41 am

    Hey Bilal, I really liked the part when you discussed about selling stock photos and amazons turk , and especially the part about istockphoto . Really helps me and i’ll start right now! and hope u will help me latter times when i’ve any querries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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