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5 Best Printing Apps For Designers

As individuals who manipulate and use visual content on a regular basis, designers must have a great eye for detail and plenty of focus. All designers will tell you that inspiration can come from virtually anywhere, at any time, and this means that having devices on hand to capture, store and print images is essential.

Of course, carrying around a printer is not something which can be achieved in the practical world and this means that designers who want to print their creations as quickly as possible must look towards other options. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and computer Tablets, wireless mobile printing has become more common with cloud printing services ensuring designers can print whatever they want, whenever they want.

In order to get the best possible results you will of course need the best possible materials – and this includes both your printer and the app you use. So, what are the best cloud printing apps for designers?

1. ePrint

This app networks your smartphone device with your printer directly, making printing easy to manage and accessible from any location. Web pages can be printed directly from the browser, with images, documents and even PDF printable.

Entries found on your calendar can also be sent to your printer and there is no need to invest in any additional apps to complete the service. The app is fairly cheap as well, costing just a couple of pounds.

2. PrintCentral Pro

Whether it’s an email attachment you want to print or a recently taken photograph, PrintCentral Pro gives you the means to do it. For designers, this is a great app as it is compatible with a wide range of file formats and offers plenty of flexibility. This is primarily found through the fact that files on your computer can be moved and printed wirelessly.

3. Print Magic

Whether it is text or images which you want to print, the Print Magic app for iOS devices is perfect. Your computer will not need any specific software to be installed and you can even copy and print content from other apps using this innovative cloud printing programme.

4. PrintBot

Supporting almost 3,000 printers, from manufacturers such as Canon, Lexmark and Epson, this innovative app scans for available printer devices before wirelessly printing your content with no direct involvement needed from your PC. The app supports content from PDF and image files, making it ideal for designers.

5. Kodak Email Print

Operating in a slightly different format to other apps, Kodak’s Email Print assigns a unique email address to Kodak printers, enabling you to send documents to it with ease. All you need is an email capable device, such as a smartphone, and you can print anything you want quickly and easily.

As technology continues to progress, keeping up with modern developments is vital and this is why cloud printing apps have become so important for designers. If you want to keep up with technology and offer your customers the best possible services then speak to App  Developers UK about creating mobile applications.

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