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5 Best Facebook Apps For iPhone 4S

Facebook application is almost the part of every upcoming mobile, and so of IPhone. Facebook is the most popular application among the generation having zillion of registered users. Previous iPhones contain the version of facebook which was ugly and hard to use sometime resulting in the crash down of the devices. IPhone 4s though, has improved the outlook of the application and debug its problems. The grid based home screen of the mobile provides the speedy access to the notifications, feeds, news etc. of facebook.


Heyway, the abbreviation for ‘Hey Where are you’ is one of the best application that has been developed for IPhone 4s. This is the application that tells your friend about your whereabouts, by sending alerts of your location. The plus point is that you can now ask your friends by sending them Hey where are you alert. The application is best when you are in a relationship either it is your spouse, teenage child or colleagues. The application helps you becoming aware of your partner spot.


Instagram is the best photo application used for taking the pictures and sharing them on different social websites. The in-built camera of iPhone is of 8 mega-pixels. By using instagram, the photo world of the handy becomes perfect. You can now freeze every moment of your life you’re your highly pixeled camera, do editing using radial tile and linear shift and blur effects, insert free custom build filters and borders and share them on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Foursquare.


Tweetdeck is another iPhone application based on Twitter. It is inevitable with social websites being staple-hold in social media which has evidently been a part of millions of souls throughout the globe. The application includes all the features of twitter like sending of updates, retweet favorites, access to direct messages, batch posting, and notification integration. IPhone users like the application most as Twitter is the most likeable social website after Facebook nowadays.


‘Pages’ is an office application developed for an IPhone 4s. It is actually a word processor that allows the user to view, edit, and create the documents. The features of this application include the editing or writing of the document by using onscreen keyboard or wireless keyboard, adding images using Media Browser, dynamic text wrapping so as to flow the text around the images, thumbnail preview of pages of document, using the find option to search the particular text within document, viewing word counts, and creating of the footnotes and endnotes.


IBook application in IPhone is another best application developed by the Apple itself. IBook application is basically the store containing a wide range of books of different genre not only in PDF format but also in the form of iTunes. The application was first developed for iPad, and it was a big splash. The users having reading habit like the application most. The big screen and the ability of easy scrolling of IPhone provide large room for users to read the text easily and more comfortably.

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  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    April 1, 2012, 4:42 pm

    I am planning to get an iPhone 4s in a couple of months, if all goes well on my budget, that is. I am well aware of Instagram and Tweetdeck on Facebook, but as for the others you’ve mentioned, Heyway, Pages and IBook apps, they’re completely new to me. Thanks for sharing!


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