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5 Best E-Commerce Customer Services Practices

No matter what the nature of your business is, your customers must be satisfied with the product and service that you deal with and most importantly they must be gratified with the kink of customer service you provide them with. This becomes especially important if business expansion is on your mind.

E-commerce customer service best practices

E-commerce customer service does not make it mandatory for the customer and the respective company representative to be physically located at the same place. This makes it all the more important for the company to have in place an excellent phone, email and chat sales and customer support system. There are no hard and fast rules in adopting the best practices for e-commerce customer service. However, you can consider adopting a few tips that have discussed.

Make sure that contact number is easy to find

You must make sure that the phone number of your company is easy to find on the website. When a customer wishes to call you and they are unable to find the phone number to reach you at, this adds on leaves them frustrated. The phone number must be easily visible on the web page. Make sure that you have your phone number displayed at a prominent location on your website.

Provide email support

Some customers do not like the idea of reaching you through the phone or the live chat support. Such kind of customers prefer to use email to get in touch. Make sure that you have a team of representatives who are capable of servicing customers through email and ensure you have the best email hosting system.

Make live chat support available

A majority of customers who make use of the Internet find live chat windows that pop up on their PC very helpful. The chat system is live so customers receive instant response. One of the best ways to use live chat system support is to ensure that a live chat window opens up on the customer’s PC if he is stuck on the page for a long time. Even if your e-commerce business is equipped to handle email and phone queries, you must ensure that you have in place the live chat support.

Have details about the product or service listed

There is a growing chunk of internet users who shop online on a regular basis. Before making a purchase, customers seek information about the product or service from your web pages. It is necessary that you list out all the information about the product or service that you are dealing with in detail. Do not misrepresent, exaggerate or hide anything from the customer.

Have your product web pages updated

If you have your website updates with the latest information on a regular basis customers will find the information self explanatory. Only if something is missing on the web pages, will the customer find the need to get in touch with you through email, phone or chat support to seek information. You must have your web pages updates as and when changes take place.

These are just a few basic tips that can help improve your e-commerce customer service.

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  • Ravi Singh

    November 30, 2012, 4:22 pm

    Hello Walters,
    You have shared nice tips to keep touch with the customers. Absolutely contact number is easy to find your business and customers always touch with their but when you have not received the call then customers frustrated and expand a wrong message. So Always receive the customers call.
    Thank you.


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