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5 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Teacher & Educator Websites

WordPress is a great tool if you are a teacher or an educator and you have a website that you need to manage easily. Some of our absolute favorite WordPress plugins for teacher and educator websites are below.

  1. WP Hide Post: Let’s say that you want to use a post to give information to your students, and you are linking to it from a syllabus page. However you do not want this post to get into the flow of your discussion board on your blog. This tool lets you to hide these posts from the front page.  Basically it gives you total control over how your post is viewed to the world. This gives you the ability to put up an addition to your blog that is lower in profile and will not go right up to the top.
  2. Page Restrict: This very cool plugin will let you restrict access to users that are logged in only. This is great for when you are using WordPress on your educator website and you only want a logged in person to be able to see the content.
  3. Private Files: This is a very helpful WordPress plugin because it ensures that only people who are logged in are able to see the images and any files that are attached. This would be a very good feature if you want to share images and files with current students that are enrolled in one of your classes. But you do not want other students to be able to see what you are posting, nor do you want past students to be able to see them.
  4. KB Gradebook:As you probably know, most students are very concerned with what their grades are and they want to be able to check them whenever they want. This plugin will let your students check their grades online in a secure way. The way this works is that you upload your CSV Excel file that has the grades of your students. The spreadsheet will have a column for the email address of the student or the parent. The plug in will give the user a password that is random. The student will then use the password to check grades. If you want to update the grades, all you need to do is upload a new CSV file.
  5. Subscribe to Comments: This is an extremely useful plugin that is great for your students. It lets comenters on an entry on your blog or webpage to subscribe with their email address so that they can get notified of future comments. This is very useful for the student who only wants to track the discussion of a post they did or a thread of discussion that they actually posted on.

We have found that if you use WordPress to manage your website or blog as an educator, there is really almost no end of the great plugins that you can use. These really will boost the productivity and usability of your educator or teacher website.

Author Bio:- Eddy Ayala is a freelance writer for MastersinEducation.org, where he enjoys researching various jobs & careers as it relates to teaching & educator professions. More recently he highlighted several schools offering Masters in TESOL programs from traditional and for-profit universities. He invites feedback on this and his other articles.

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