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5 Apps that Make Excellent use of the iPad Retina Display

There are plenty of iPad apps available on the iTunes store that makes excellent use of the device’s fantastic retina display. Some commonly used apps have also been updated to conform to the new and improved display of the iPad. It definitely becomes difficult to choose from amongst the numerous iPad apps that make brilliant use of the iPad’s retina display.  But I have my favorites, as I am sure, you must have too.

Here are five of my favorite apps that I believe rock the retina display.

1# Evernote

Evernote iPad Retina App

There are note taking apps and then there is Evernote. If you want to remember everything and anything, there is nothing better than Evernote and now it makes great use of the retina display of your iPad. Your notes look sharper, clearer and much better on the 2048×1536 resolution of the device. The device has been upgraded so that your text and graphic notes now appear razor sharp. I know, an app like Evernote is not one of the better ways of enjoying the Retina Display, but it is a great app, and will always be on my all-time lists, when it comes to productivity apps.

2# Kindle

Kindle app for ipad

I love reading books and I have the iPad; this means just one thing in my “book” – Kindle. Yes, Kindle is now optimized for the iPad and its functionality has been taken a few notches higher because of the sharper text and images, which make reading more of a pleasure than it was. One of the many reasons why Apple came up with the Retina display was because it wanted to bring the visuals alive; what this means is that the text literally comes alive on your iPad, making reading fun, and really very easy on the eyes.

3# The New York Times

The New York Times app

What can I say, the next app in my lineup is also all about reading, but this time its coupled by viewing and listening. Yes, if there is one newspaper that has captured the essence of the Retina Display through its app, it is The New York Time. Users can have a great time going through the slide shows, videos, photos, articles and blog posts of the newspaper; the effect here is very real and it’s almost like you are living the news. You can also share news stories with friends, and even create customized sections to include those sections that are your favorites. So, it’s definitely an all-round great app.

4# Mass Effect Inflitrator

Mass Effect Inflitrator ipad app

I am not much of a racing guy and although there are plenty of car racing games that usually figure right at the top of the iPad app lists, I love a little bit of action and Mass Effect Infiltrator is the game that gives me my daily dose of action on my iPad. Exploring those massive exteriors of the Cereberus Base is massive high, and so is the use of the all those weapons; of course the experience is all the more amazing because of the Retina Display, which the game play makes full use of.

5# Comic+

Comic+ iPad Retina app

If you really and truly want to get the best out of your Retina Display then you must have Comic+ on your iPad. It was the first out of the blocks when it came to enabling its features and functionalities for the Retina Display. A problem, if you can call it that, with this app is that you only get to enjoy Marvel comics and not those by DC, but don’t worry; this void is more than filled up by third party publishers who have pretty entertaining comics on offer.

So, here they are, five of my favorite apps, that have given me no end of pleasure, because they put the Retina Display to very good use. I am sure that you and others out there have their own favorites as well, so do share yours in the comments section.

Author Bio:- Albert Vang is a developer with PLAVEBAPPS, a company whose primary focus is on cutting edge Mobile Application Development. He loves using the power of mobile technology to craft progressive applications for clients. He loves writing about his views and opinions on Mobile Development topics to share them with like-minded people.

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  • Morshed

    March 6, 2013, 12:52 pm

    Hi Bilal!
    Thanks for your article.I really like the mass effect infiltrator because of its action & graphics. If anyone wants a suggestion from me i must say please install the Comic+.

  • Moin Ramiz

    February 18, 2013, 11:04 pm

    Mass Effect Infiltrator is a app worth downloading.

  • Kapil

    February 18, 2013, 2:43 pm

    The apps are cool.I hope will suggest few more apps for the Ipad. Thanks for the article.


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