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5 Apps Absolutely Necessary For your Mac

All of us are really fond of different applications, which we gladly install on our Macs. I am a Mac user as well, and I have been a Mac user during a long period of time. But yet I am quite shocked with the huge amount of absolutely unusable, senseless and literally damaging applications that are offered today at the Appstore. I am frustrated with amount of people who are ready to pay money for these applications, and moreover – who are gladly doing it every day, and aren’t going to stop. Speaking frankly – it was always a mystery for me: in the era of Internet and digital technologies we still have useless programs and applications that are downloaded by people for money.

That’s why today I decided to make a brief review of the applications that are making my life easier, and my work with Mac – a little bit quicker and more comfortable. But that would make a real heap of apps, and I decided to take those five I use permanently and very often. So let’s begin – and the first one goes as

1) Google Chrome

We all look for something in the web, and this happens nearly every day. That’s why a quick-working browser is very important nowadays for anyone. Suppose Safari users will start a holy war with me instantly – because Safari is their beloved browser, and they are not going to change it for something else. But yet, let’s face the truth – Chrome is quicker, more stable and less lagging. I use it as an alternative to Safari for a year and a half, and I can surely tell it’s really better than Safari.

2) Mozilla Thunderbird

Frankly speaking, I have no idea how people use standard interfaces of Google Mail and others. I can’t stand them at all – so I use a client in order to deal with my mail in an appropriate way. It’s a perfect one – there is nothing there that could make a mislead, and the level of optimization is simply perfect – it works rapidly and smoothly, no freeze-ups and other problems, like with Gmail when you’re using their interface.

3) Paragon NTFS

Though my favorite operating system is Mac OS, I still have to work with Windows. Because I don’t like working in compatible modes and other stuff – it is easier for me to install a second OS onto my HDD and work with this or that one simultaneously. The problem is that Mac OS doesn’t want to read NTFS-formatted disks from the box, and it a great problem for many two-system users, because it has to be implemented in a cunning way, with a lot of additional things that eat up time and resources. Using Paragon NTFS makes it a lot easier – you do read NTFS-format HDDs without any issues.

4) LibreOffice

A free program that is quicker, easier to use and just more convenient than standard Microsoft Office bundle. I use it also because it’s free, and the level of functionality is actually the same there and here – so it doesn’t make any sense to pay for the program you can get for free.

5) DropBox

A great application for people who like to make experiments with their Mac. Everyone nowadays knows the advantages of cloud solutions, and this one is perfect for our purposes – you can share any files and store any kind of data in the DropBox, and never be afraid to lose it or find it hacked (like it often happens, especially nowadays, when viruses for Macs are developing at a great pace).

Hope my thoughts were useful for those who do have a similar situation.

Author Bio:- Hello everybody, I am Robert Glass, a 31-year old IT engineer from Texas. Here in San Antonio it is sometimes really boring, and I became keen on blogging lately – in particular, technoblogging, which comprises collecting, testing and reviewing some features and programs, and other similar things concerning computers. You can check my publications on this site I like to help people, and I am really satisfied when I see thanking comments from guys and girls who have really found some help in my reviews. I am a well-bred and active-living person, found of hiking and travelling, so when I have some free time I am also glad to go somewhere, where no people can be met. If you have some comments or suggestions, please write to me robertcglass42@gmail.com

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