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5 Appliances We Want Our Smartphones To Control

If you think about it, smartphones are already become remote controls for our lives. Not only can they contain all the information we might need at any given time — emails, contact information, calendar dates, etc. — but it can also control a number of household gadgets and appliances. We can already control a number of gadgets and appliances using our smartphones.

  • Open and close garage doors
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Start our cars
  • Control our computers

Soon enough we’ll be able to control almost all of our appliances and gadgets from our smartphones. Here’s a shortlist of five we’d like to see sooner rather than later.

1. HVAC systems

Modern HVAC systems — heating, ventilation, and air conditioning — are already wonderful. They allow you to program the temperature depending on the time of day. So if you’re in the office from eight until five and there’s no one home, you can turn down the heat or air conditioning. Then, just before you get home it can turn back on. The timer feature is great, but having a remote control is obviously better.

Imagine being able to turn on your air conditioning as you leave your office. That way by the time you get home the house is pleasantly cooled. All the while you didn’t waste energy cooling the house while no one was home. The same goes for heat. You won’t be burning much gas or oil while you’re not home, which will save you plenty of money. This innovation can’t be far off.

2. Oven

When cooking dinner after work, one of the most annoying aspects is preheating the oven. If I don’t remember to preheat the oven right when I get home from work, dinner takes much longer to get on the table. Imagine, then, a cellular-equipped oven that allowed you to start preheating when you leave the office. You’d be ready to pop in dinner the minute you get home.

This works for all sorts of situations. Maybe you’re out running errands and need to eat soon. Maybe you’re outside doing chores and don’t want to leave what you’re doing to preheat the oven. Whatever the scenario, the ability to remotely preheat your oven makes life much easier.

3. Sprinklers

Like thermostats, sprinklers run on timers. The problem is, the need to water your lawn and plants doesn’t always work on a regular schedule. How many times have you walked down the street an hour after a torrential downpour and seen people’s sprinklers on? It happens, because the weather does not work on a schedule. Nor should your sprinkler.

By using your smartphone to control your sprinkler you can get your lawn and plans hydration when it’s most needed. Best of all, an app could conceivably have weather information in it, so you’d know the last time it rained, how much it has rained in the past few weeks, etc. That way you can make more informed decisions on when to water. It could potentially save thousands of gallons of now-wasted water.

4. Washer

Here’s a scenario: you have to go run errands, which will take a few hours. But you also have to get laundry done. You could throw a load in the washer and put it in the dryer when you get home, but then your clothes would be sitting damp in the washer for hours. That’s no good. It would be nice to load up that washer and have it start running about a half hour or 40 minutes before you get home.

With a smartphone control you could do that. You’d probably have to set an alarm or alert telling you when to start it. But when you did you could come home to a freshly washed load of laundry, ready for the dryer. Having a smartphone control on the dryer is a little less practical, though it could have some uses as well.

5. Coffee maker

Ever need a cup of coffee right now? So many times I’ve come home and really wanted a cup, but hated going through the motions of brewing it. If you left your coffee maker loaded and ready with coffee grinds and water, you could control it from your smartphone. And that would make life easier. Plus, it would pretty much force you to keep your coffee pot clean and ready at all times.

Author Bio:- Joe Pawlikowski writes and edits many blogs across the web, including the BlackBerry blog BBGeeks. He’s looking forward to controlling his HVAC systems from his smartphone.

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