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5 Android Apps for Students

Technology has been booming like never before and students can make full use of it in order to polish their knowledge and skills even further. It helps them not only in their studies but equally in getting lucrative job opportunities in future as well.

1# Wikipedia

wikipedia app

This application is quite popular and it is one of the most used reference sites around the globe. Increasing number of people is suing the site on daily basis. After all, it has become the best medium to know “anything” or “everything”. Great is not it?

The Wikipedia app on Android has around 20 million articles in whopping 280 languages. The best thing is that you can equally save the articles which can be easily read later on according to you convenience.. You can also share articles using Android’s share too.

Download: WikiPedia Android App

2# Formulas Lite

Formulas Lite android app

It stands out to be one of the most useful and popular educational applications. It has various sections which include subjects, calculators, translator, web reference, math invasion along with facts

Download: Formulas Lite Android App

3# Evernote

Evernote app

Evernote gives you the luxury of creating notes that can be either in text, pictures, audio or even video. The best thing is that you will never be able to loose them as they are saved automatically on the cloud. Hence, you can access them any time from any mobile phone or computer

Hence, you can easily take notes while the class is in progress which you can study later on. You do not have to worry incase you have lost your phone since you can easily retrieve them by accessing your Evernote app by using PC, tablet or smart phone.

Download: Evernote Android App

4# Merriam Webster

Merriam Webster app

Merriam Webster is quite a popular dictionary in the world. The app facilitates you to do voice search by which you can easily search a word without the need to spell it. You can equally search synonym, antonyms, and example sentences along with other things. Hence, the application stands out to be quite useful for reference, education along with vocabulary building.

You can make a list of those words, which interest you to the core. As you go to the “Recent History tab”, you can actually take a note of the recently searched words. The application is absolutely free and it is devoid of any ads.

Download: Merriam Webster App for Android

5# Cam Scanner

CamScanner App for Android

The application assists you in scanning documents and it also turns the matter into pdf files. If In case you come across a highly useful chapter in a book, all you have to do is to scan it with the assistance of this application and thereby, you can save it for later as well. Hence, you will be able to do the work quickly in the easiest possible manner.

Thanks to CamScanner, you can digitize paper documents with the assistance of photo shooting. All you have to do is to take a picture of the documents which can be in the form of receipts, notes, whiteboards, agreements etc. The app will auto crop the images, improves the quality of the image along with creating industry standard pdf files. Documents can be easily uploaded to cloud storage sites namely Box.net, Dropbox etc which can be finally managed by searching or tagging.

Download: CamScanner App for Android

Do You Know about any great Android Applications for students? If yes, then do let us know about it using the comments section below.

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Submission made my Vikas Bhatt from TutzNet. I love reading and writing about android apps, you can read check my collection of best running games for android at TutzNet.

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