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4G Wireless Service Really on Back-Foot? Let’s Talk!

Wireless broadband speeds are increasing at an incredible rate, and they are all set to rival fiber and cable operated internet connection speeds. The latest service that might be competing with the traditional modes of communication is the 4G network services. The 4G technology has taken the internet market by storm due to their amazing speed. The 4G technology is no doubt smarter and faster than their 3G counterpart. But like all good things 4G also has its share of drawbacks.

1. Connectivity

Though some cities are coming up with 4G connectivity, yet their number is few. Most parts of the world are still to provide or have 4G network services. This is a relatively new service and most of the network service device needs to be upgraded to provide this service. the cost of these devices are also very high which is resulting in the delay in upgradation of the instruments. Hence there is definitely some waiting time for 4G services to be available in all the top tier cities in the world. Then only we can look forward to the other cities or a global 4G service network.

2. Hardware Costs

Not only does the service providers need to upgrade most of their hardware to provide 4G services, the user also needs to buy new hardware in order to be able to access the services and enjoy them. Though hardware for 4G might seem to be cheaper, but with the economic uncertainty and slowdown looming large, people might not be too interested to invest soon in the new technology. Another important factor might be the fact that people might choose to wait and watch for the next upgaradation before investing in any kind of hardware. Maybe the 4G was too close to the heels of 3G launching that might have made consumers susceptible and make them wait for the next leap in technology.

3. Trouble Shooting

Most services in their initial stages have a lot of glitches and hiccups. Those initial bugs and problems are not only a pain to the service providers but they are also a concern to the users. These bugs and troubles need to be shorted out at the earliest and the customers need to be provided with a seamless and glitch free service. Until the announcement or advertisement of an error free service most consumers tend to stay loyal with their old connections. The network coverage also needs to be increased to provide better customer experience.

4. Battery Life

The battery life of mobile devices or handhelds will be hugely affected as the massive use of antennae and transmitters. They also tend to be draining up extra power from the battery to stay connected. This might result in devices getting exhausted battery earlier than expected. This will b e translated as using high end mobile devices to be used, or costlier versions to be used. Many consumers might not like the idea of buying new and costlier handhelds or mobile devices.

5. Expensive Service

Definitely with the increased establishment cost 4G services will be costlier to use. But the problem lies somewhere else. The fact that most places are not covered by 4G means that consumers will have to revert back to 3G or WiFi in those areas to remain connected. But the consumers will be charged as per their 4G plans. This has and will create a growing number of dissatisfied customers. The only solution lies in massive and fast expansion of 4G services on a massive scale.

6. Security Issues

Though the 4G network claims to be safer than 3G services by the service providers, yet there are some issues that need to be addressed and solved very soon. The network has more complex security issues which make it vulnerable to hacking and other cyber crimes. Moreover the network protocols and standardizations need to be defined at the earliest for safety and security reasons also.


The 4G is becoming very popular with each passing day, the disadvantages are also becoming more and more prominent. Other than the issues discussed above that keep 4G services in the back-foot, another major aspect is its data cap. The data cap for each plan is very rigid and the next higher data plan is costlier by a huge extent. The data cap and the bandwidth cap also acts as a serious drawback towards the popularity of 4G services. Most importantly people are waiting for the scientists to come up with a new and faster technology that might be effective and cheaper than 4g services. Also the radiation concerns and their effects about the 4G services are also increasing with each passing day.

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  • Rashmi Sinha @ GreetBlog

    March 7, 2013, 12:05 am

    Sounds like a another tech ploy to me!!! how much speed is actually viable for daily users and should be burn a big hole in our pocket because it is not 3G but 4G!!!!

    Confusing scenario for me, I thing I will pass on this one for sure till it gets bit sensible… thanks for sharing your point of view about this topic.


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