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4 WordPress Forum Plugins To Setup A Forum On Your Blog

If you are looking to setup a forum in your blog then here are few plugins which will make your job easy. Peep into it and enjoy.

1. WP-Forum:

This plug-in has been designed exclusively for creating a forum in your blog to discuss on topics of interest, thereby inviting many more people to visit your blog. This is one of the most simple forum discussion plug-in, and therefore do not have many of the accessible features that you can do in other Plugins.
Some of the interesting features of this plug-in is that they sport on three types of skins for the forum, which you can switch between on the admin interface. Other important features that a forum should have are included like permission to allow or not to allow unregistered posting, and initiate the use of Captcha for preventing spam and unauthorized computer generated messages.
Overall, with the tight security available, this is the plug-in designed for not so fancy but a simple and straightforward forums to begin with on your blog.


2. bb Press:

bbPress is a forum software that can turn things around and has designed only for turning tables around by the WordPress platform plug-in development team.
If you are not happy with the forum software that you are using as is being often hacked by one or the other servers, irritated and being annoyed with the slow, bloated forum groups, then do not forget to switch over to bbPress. This forum plug-in gets integrated into the WordPress and falls well within the web standards, ease of use, ease of integration and speed of the forum discussion by adopting well for low bandwidth internet also.
Overall, bb Press has been designed to keep things light, small and simple for greater performance and accessibility.

bb Press

3. Simple: Press Forum:

If you are on the lookout for a feature enriched forum plug-in, entirely integratable within your WordPress and is fully scalable, then Simple: Press Forum is the one to opt for.
Some of the options that are available for Simple: Press will include the following options and features like: optional post moderation, user signature and avatars, as admin toolset, forum statistics, which will include who is online, forum statistics, unread admin post markers with an option for Quick Reply, subscription and watched topics, image, media and file up loader with user defined topic tags.
Thus, Simple: Press Forum is a highly customizable tool that will allow you to personalize the forum group.

Simple: Press Forum Forums

4. Tal. Ki Embeddable Forums:

This is an embeddable forum plug-in coming with the feature of allowing the forum members to initiate their own discussions of interest in the forum group. If you are struggling to find the easiest and simple way of adding a discussion board, forum or message board, then this is the one for you.
The plug-in can add forums page to your blog and will allow integrating your login with many of the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and much more. Some of the other interesting features will include CSS style sheets that could be customized easily, BBCode, easy to use Admin panel, private and public forums, email notifications, automatic security patches and upgrades, lockable topics for a focused or targeted audience and much more.
Overall, this is a very useful plug-in that comes with detailed and simple steps to follow, and comes in two plans – free and Pro.

Tal. Ki Embeddable Forums

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Author:- Praveen Sivaraman blogs at techperk, if you wish to follow him in Twitter then catch him at @techperk. Do read some of the beautiful collections of best ipad games and best gmail gadgets.