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4 Ways to Make Facebook More Productive for Students

For most students, Facebook is the ultimate time killer. You may be in the middle of writing an essay, and you are getting bored, so you log onto Facebook to see what some of your friends are doing and what fun they are having while you are stuck at home, then next thing you know, you have wasted an hour or two just scrolling through status updates, photos, links and surveys. Bam! time killed, just like that. But, there are things a student can do to at least be somewhat productive while on Facebook.

1. Find a job

These days, with rising tuition costs and textbook costs, students usually need to work at least a part-time job. So, when considering this, Facebook can be used as a great resource to find a job or even an internship instead of just wasting that time liking various posts from your friends.

2. Plan an event

Most students have a busy and active social life, and there is nothing more productive for a student than planning a party (joking, of course.) But, none the less, students are infamous for procrastination, and this is still true for event planning. Thus, spend time on Facebook planning the event, rather than trying to hash something together at the last moment. The event will be better for it.

3. Network

Students may have a tough time finding a job after graduation, or even during the Summer. So, networking is important. You can reach out to people you admire and try to build some kind of working relationship with them and your peers at the same time. Facebook offers a student a great way to make connections that they would otherwise not be able to. This can be especially useful for people that want to create a study group, but do not have the social means to do so. Facebook offers a gateway to hundreds of thousands- if not millions- of people with just a few clicks of the mouse.

4. Fight for something you believe in

If the Kony 2012 campaign was any indication, social media is the new way to raise social awareness about an issue. With facebook, it is tough to realize that the world is bigger than just yourself and your immediate friends. It is a strange dichotomy because Facebook also offers a whole range of opportunities and new information, but with constant “me,me,me” status updates, and check-ins, and likes, it is hard to separate yourself from your social media presence. But, Facebook does offer a whole gamut of ways to support any cause you desire, whether it is the local business association, your favorite band, a kickstarter campaign or signing some kind of petition for a cause, Facebook allows you to do just that. Some people criticize what is often called “slacktivism,” but it still raises awareness of issues that may not have been otherwise. Just because it is online, does not mean the sentiment is worth any less.

Author Bio:- Seamus is a freelance content contributor who has written a lot about earning an executive mba online and other education related articles.

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